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Update: this fare has passed you by, sadly. It lasted about 4 hours and congrats to all who got in on the deal in time. If you missed out, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get news of these kind of things immediately.

From the aviation geek who brought you the Cathay Pacific First Class “error fare” comes the latest and greatest work of Dominicus of HK Travel Blog– a $600 Emirates A380 First Class fare from Asia to Dubai, round trip. This will last hours at best, and is arguably the greatest ever chance to book into Emirates First Class, and if the dust settles on this fare favorably, it’s worth flying to Asia just to take part. What are miles for anyway?

a bed with a table and a lamp on itThe Emirates First Class Fare

Emirates has a new route between Singapore and Penang, and they’ve loaded some special first class fares, which allow you to take a slightly oblong routing….via Dubai. In other words, you start in Penang, Malaysia, one of the best foodie cities in the world, and then are able to fly to Dubai in Emirates First Class. Here’s a review of that stunning experience, complete with on board shower and Dom Perignon.

So the first catch is you’ll need to start in Penang. The next catch: if you want to fly the round trip properly, you’ll need to be in Dubai for less than 24 hours, since this is technically the “long way” between Penang and Singapore and… yeah – that’s that.

The Dates You Can Travel

Dates are limited, and if you want in, you really can’t be too picky. With that said, you’ll find availability in May, and virtually any month beyond then. Remember, you can’t space out dates. Just follow the links below for simplicity…

How To Book

These Skyscanner links are the best way to book, and the master himself, Dominicus, was kind enough to share them with us. Run for it, hope it sticks and then when and if it does, do your happy dance because you’re going to experience one of the three greatest first class offerings in the sky.

Here a link for…

Dates are drying up by the minute, so when it’s done it’s done. No complaining, we live to play another day. And to get you excited, here’s that Emirates A380 First Class Review again.

These deals are flexible, so best to get in and cancel than dilly-dally and miss out. It’s best to wait at least a week for these deals to thaw out before you plan any non refundable travel to Penang, or hotels. Happy hunting…

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  1. I have an Emirates booking ref number and can manage my booking but I cannot select my seat because I need to contact my agent to have it ticketed.

    I cannot imagine contacting GoGoGate is gonna help me? 😛

  2. Sweet!! Managed to grab this with Chase points this morning. Only 45K points for each pax! Was able to add my Alaska number, choose seats and got my chauffeur booking for Singers too! Hopefully this sticks!

  3. Got confirmed seats but the price jumped $600 when I pressed ‘pay’. I didn’t realise and am now having a ding dong with Gotogate over the extra fees. Ended up cancelling the flights and had to pay cancellation fees for flights that I’m now now getting. Nightmare

      1. I believe that was dependent on the fare. The YFFF fare (the one that booked into K PEN-SIN) had a MYR400 cancellation penalty from memory. The FFFF did not have a penalty.

  4. Booking ref canceled this morning, OTA claiming a tech error. Thank you for sending this out at least so I could try.

  5. Booked and confirmed yesterday – received the call today stating that this was not first class – cancelled!

  6. Also cancelled (no notice or call from Emirates or OTS). Emirates says they’ll try to make it right and be in touch in 4 days. We’ll see!

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