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Everyone loves a luxury hotel and virtually no one loves paying for one. The good news is there are quite a few ways to live the dream, enjoying plush digs without having to shell out. And it’s not even as complicated as you may think. In fact, some are as simple as your free cup of coffee punch card. Here are the five easiest, simplest ways to earn quality free hotel nights.

a group of tables on a beachCash Back Sites

The greatest travel mistake you’re (probably) making – is not earning cash back for every online purchase you make. Truth be told, you can earn cash back, at excellent rates for shopping at any online store, just for making one extra click from sites like TopCashBack or Ebates. Everything you could possibly need to know can be found here. Eventually, you’ll have tons of cash stacked up you can apply towards a free night anywhere in the world, without black out rules.

Buy 10 Get 1 Free

Hotels.com offers one of the simplest possible ways to earn a free night – with no black out dates. For every 10 hotel nights you book, you’ll get one free. The value of your night is simply based on the overall average price you paid for the other 10. You can just proceed to book any night, anywhere on earth – up to that dollar amount.

a table with a view of a city and a riverRefer A Friend

Small Luxury Hotels has a wildly lucrative program to earn free nights. All you need to do is get a friend, family member (or anyone on earth) to sign up for their loyalty program and book a paid night. When they do – they get a free night. They can of course then refer people too. The kicker? There’s no limit to the value of the free night. So someone booking a $100 hotel could net you a hotel worth over $100 per night. Yeah – that’s a deal.

Hotel Credit Card

Ok, maybe it’s obvious, but grabbing a hotel credit card is as basic and effective as it gets. Almost every card carries a bonus which instantly amounts to a free night at any of the hotels in the portfolio. Not only that, many offer a complimentary annual night, just for keeping the card. You really can’t argue with that.

Stay 2 Get 1 Free

If you register for Marriott’s MegaBonus by November 30th, you’ll earn a free night after completing just two stays anywhere. You can complete your stays by January 15th, giving you plenty of time to earn a lucrative free night – without breaking a sweat.

Will you take advantage of these opportunities?

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  1. Not sure what you are classifying as luxury, but I have stated many times on my blog I don’t care for luxury hotels. I don’t like to be given so much attention that I find common in true luxury hotels.

    Marriott stay 2 earn a free category 5 reward night. Not many luxury hotels in the low cat 1-5 choices.

    Hotels.com stay 10 get credit for average price paid is not going to get you into a luxury hotel unless you have been paying for luxury hotels.

    1. Ric,

      I’m definitely not talking about Aman properties, but some of these are legitimate ways to earn $1000 a night hotels, for next to nothing.

      I think Category 5 still has great properties if you leave the US. They may not be Aman or Viceroy level, but they’re very nice.

      There are plenty of places in the world where a $250 or even $200 average per night could yield phenomenal hotels, such as Southeast Asia.

      I don’t know what your standards of “luxury” are defined by, but mine are pretty much anything cheerful, artistic, personable and well regarded.

      I’m surprised to hear you don’t enjoy luxury hotels. You may be the first ; )

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