Imagine not needing to pay for taxi’s on your next vacation. How about a free flight or hotels? Car rental? All of these things are possible by collecting referral credit and literally anyone can do it. Though it may come at the dismay of those who advertise on here, I think randomly throwing products up on a page is not the most efficient way to spread a business. Fortunately many companies tend to agree with me these days. It’s not new, but referral credit seems to have become the ultimate marketing tool. If we both get rewarded, what’s not to like?

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Uber is the most basic example to me. The only reason I first gave them a try was because I had a free ride credit from someone (anyone who is referred gets this). I thought oh well, nothing to lose, gave it a whirl and I instantly loved it. One of my favorite things about the Uber referral program was that anyone who signs up using my link gets their first ride free, when they take their free ride, I get a free ride for referring them. Once someone has signed up using my link, they can then refer people and receive the same ongoing benefit. When I travel, I now have at least a ride or two saved up helping to really cap my expenses. It all counts! Uber is small potatoes though, I enjoy free first class flights and hotels!

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Many companies have joined on and offer either actual cash or future credit with their brand for each referral. You should be taking advantage of this. Seriously. I would never refer someone to something I didn’t truly love and enjoy, yet when I do truly love and enjoy something I’d be a fool not to. I already mentioned that you can get 5,000-18,000 points or miles for getting your friend to sign up for a credit card you have. If you love the product, why not benefit from spreading it? Referral credits are a huge help in justifying this blog which loses money on a daily basis. There isn’t a person reading this who couldn’t benefit from a few freebies on their next trip too. Oh and if you’ve never tried Uber, you must, it’s great, and you can get a free ride by clicking here ; )

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