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In the road to hotel loyalty perks, your butt typically needs to end up on a hotel bed, frequently. With the world at home these days, Hyatt has created another way for travelers to earn fantastic perks on future stays, for when the world travels again, all from the comfort of… home.

World of Hyatt and Chase are offering card members a chance to spend their way all the way to top tier elite status, and incentivizing new card sign ups as well, with 10 nights to help get you there.

a couch with a table and a round table in a room with a view of a citySpending Counts Toward Elite Nights

The concept is simple: for every $5,000 you spend from now through June 30th, 2020 on your World Of Hyatt Credit Card, you’ll earn 3 elite nights in the World of Hyatt loyalty program, instead of the usual two.

Spend $15k, you’ll have nine extra nights toward elite status. Those who still hold the old Hyatt card will earn 2 nights for every $5,000.

It’s steep, for sure, but if you’re spending that much, you’ll also earn free nights and reach milestones for upgrades and other perks in the process.

On the bright side, Hyatt already announced arguably the most generous elite status extensions, so any status you do earn will be valid until February, 2022. If you haven’t had time to make the most of it by then, we’ll have bigger problems than travel.

Great Incentive To Grab The World Of Hyatt Card

If you’ve been impervious to the World Of Hyatt card in the past, there’s a new offer which is highly enticing. For card sign-ups up by June 30th, 2020, Hyatt is kicking in an additional 10 nights toward elite status. Obviously, that’s in addition to the instant elite status and 50,000 Point welcome bonus.

Card members already start off with Discoverist status (10 nights), but the additional 10 nights puts you closer to Explorist, or even top tier Globalist for some, and the milestone rewards in between like club lounge passes and suite nights.

You could even spend your way the rest of the way, without leaving home with the current offer. The spending offers to earn 3 nights for every $5k applies to new sign-ups as well.

Basically, if you’re a Hyatt fan and don’t yet have the World Of Hyatt Credit Card, now is a great time to do so, particularly if you’ll still be spending in the interim. You can get some amazing future stay benefits without leaving the house, and the 50,000 point welcome bonus gets you either a few nights somewhere nice, or a couple nights somewhere extraordinary to start planning for the future.

You can apply for the Chase World Of Hyatt Card here.

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  1. Hi Gilbert, either I misunderstood you, or I think you might have misunderstood the terms for new cardmembers. If you already hold the card you receive 5 Elite nights for every year that you keep the card. An additional perk is that you receive automatic Discoverist status for which non-cardholders need 10 qualifying nights, but as a card member you do not receive those 10 nights on top, you just get the status without having to spend any nights at Hyatt hotels. So for new cardmembers, they have doubled this to 10 nights for 2020, and then the regular 5 for the years thereafter, but not 10 for Discoverist and an additional 10 as sign up perk.

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