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It’s like the future, man…

Dubai is absolutely breathtaking. Home to the world’s first “seven” star hotel, electric palm trees and some of the world’s most impressive supercars, there’s a lot for the eye to see. And soon, things might get even a bit more eye catching, if of course your eyes are quick enough. Police in Dubai have begun formal training on “hover bikes” which are exactly how they sound. It’s like the Matrix, but a bit cooler, without Keanu Reeves and also in the desert.

Hover Bikes

Hover Bikes are like the drones you see tourists flying around hotel pools, but massive and with people on them. Using three blades the drones lift off vertically, flying up to 16 feet above ground safely and reaching impressive cruise speeds of 60mph. Hoversurf is a California based company leading the charge for futuristic hover bikes and their new S3 2019 model has now been delivered to the Dubai Police Force.

a pool with blue umbrellas and lounge chairsDubai Hover Bikes

According to CNN, Hoversurf struck a deal in 2017 with Dubai to deliver the first production ready hover bikes, and these new bikes have now been successfully delivered. Dubai’s police force has commenced training on the legitimately wild looking “eVTOL” vertical take off and landing bikes and it’s believed that the vehicles will enter police use in 2020! Yes, something may soon whizz past you in Dubai at 60mph, and it will indeed be “hovering”. It’s not just the beers. If you’re not a member of the police, no sweat, just send in $150,000 and a bike will be on its way to you shortly, assuming you can pass the driving tests.

a city next to waterFuture Travel Tech

Dubai is the first major city to bring this new style of flying tech to the scene, but it’s hardly the only destination using technology for amusing purposes. Many European countries are installing artificial intelligence “avatar” border guards to conduct lie detector tests at borders. Japan is hoping to use robots as hosts at the 2020 Olympics and there are already hotels with robotic room service. It certainly makes tipping easier

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