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And they don’t charge a cent…

This is one of those articles where there’s absolutely no “catch”. When such topics exist, it’s usually because there’s a madman behind it all – and in this case, it’s absolutely true. Joshua Browder is world famous as the man who created robot lawyers to get people out of parking tickets. As exciting as parking tickets were – he’s now set his mark on bigger issues. Why not virtually guarantee travelers always receive the lowest price on plane tickets or hotel bookings, by using robots to find genius loopholes – which allow a full refund, even on non refundable tickets and automatically rebook the same flights at a lower price? You can keep the change, too!

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Josha Browder created DoNotPay.com using his robo lawyer method, which tracks flight prices and potential legal cancellation loopholes on a 5 second basis. As you may already know, ticket prices change constantly and can fluctuate by hundreds of dollars on a whim. With your approval, robo lawyers take over everything required to get you a cheaper ticket, without any hassle.  Even if you’ve booked a non refundable ticket, DoNotPay can potentially find you an “out”, cancelling your higher priced ticket for free, and rebooking a new less expensive ticket for you with ease. Your original ticket gets refunded, putting the difference in price back in your pocket.


GodSaveThePoints.com asked Joshua Browder how DoNotPay will avoid rebooking inferior deals or causing undue stress to passengers, and the answer is simple. They only compare prices for the same exact fare, and they handle all the rebooking – with your approval, of course. You pay nothing for their service… like, ever. If you approve the attempted change (via text), DoNotPay holds a new ticket for you until the airline agrees to refund the original booking, ensuring that you save money on the deal. There’s no risk. DoNotPay uses IBM Watson technology, which would never think basic economy is a “better” deal than the deal you booked, so you’ll never earn fewer miles or wind up with less benefits than you originally booked. Phew!

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Weather issues and the 24 hour rule are just two of the 70 such loopholes Browder and the DoNotPay.com team of robo-lawyers utilize to help get passengers out of expensive fares. The company is so positive in what they do, they take the financial risk of holding your new ticket, if they aren’t able to get you out of your old one after all. Now that – is a cool deal. Once you sign up and give DoNotPay access to your email, it automatically tracks all of your reservations for situations where you can save money. After a beta involving a few hundred users, DoNotPay saved customers an average of $450 per year. That could unlock a whole new trip!

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This strategy works for all tickets which touch the United States. It also works for any ticket sold by a US airline for travel outside as well. DoNotPay.com hopes to add service further afield, but for now, that’s plenty to get started. Ready to have your mind blown? They don’t charge a single cent for their legal and money saving assistance. That’s right, you pay nothing, lose nothing and have no risk. And they won’t cancel and rebook or change you without asking first either. The service takes your credit card information, for processing refunds and issuing new tickets with your permission only. We get nothing from DoNotPay, they get nothing from you, we just think this tech revolution is amazing – and $450 back in your pocket is music to any ears.

What do you think of this “disruptive” new service?

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  1. Looked at signing up.
    Problem is that they want you to provide full access to your Gmail. All emails! Yikes. No thanks?

    1. Open a gmail account solely for travel?
      Benefit harder to lose important messages if all you have are travel related – no cars, DIY, or porn, to muddy the waters.

  2. There was a site that tracked southwest fares and alerted you when they went down. Southwest sued. Same will happen with this one no doubt

  3. I assume they make money on when they do this and act as a travel agent. I’m wondering if this will work for business travelers or corporate agency bookings. I assume it will but would move the booking from the corporate “required” agency in my case.

    Stupid Concur people. #notbitter

  4. Very cool service. For the folks who are worried about the service gaining access to your entire Gmail account, just set up a new Gmail email. It takes like a minute, and seems like it would be totally worth it, being as the average beta tester saved 450 a year.

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