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That leaves lots of money to light on fire at Disney…

When deciding on destinations, there’s one with an unfair advantage – the undying adoration of your children, however large or small. Disney has cornered the emotional travel quotient, and its theme parks make flying first class feel like a shrewd buy. Nonetheless, the happiness of the family wins, and since you’re inevitably going, you might as well take advantage of one of the greatest ever bargains to get there. Right now, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have £250 return flights from Manchester or London to Orlando…

the tail of an airplaneThe Orlando Flight Deals

Generally speaking, airlines have reserved their lowest UK prices for London. It makes sense, there’s lots of supply and lots of demand. But at the same time, it’s no fun to squeeze passengers coming from the many other areas of the UK.

In the final day of the Virgin Atlantic sale (it ends tomorrow), you can fly round trip from London or Manchester to Orlando for a mere £256 per person all in. And yes, you still get food, drinks and entertainment. The only catch? You’ll need to manage with a full sized carry on and a backpack only, or pay a bit extra for a seat with a bag. Premium economy can be had for £798, which used to be the price of economy!

The Dates You Can Travel

You can travel in late 2019, or in 2020. Manchester and London have slightly different dates, so I’ll break each down right now…

London departures: You can depart in 2019 from December 3rd through December 9th, or then in 2020 for departure anytime from January 9th to 29th, February 25 through February 27th and then March 2nd to March 18th.

Manchester departures: You can depart in 2019 between November 22nd to 29th, December 1st through December 11th and then in 2020 from January 2nd through January 31st, February 2nd to February 9th and then February 19th through March 22nd.

In a very cool move from Virgin Atlantic, these deals don’t have the annoying one week minimum stay requirement that many others do. You can leave on a Friday and come back Monday, or any other short option, or of course you can stay multiple weeks as well. Basically: it’s flexible how long you want to stay, and short or long are fine…

a row of seats in an airplaneHow To Book These Amazing Deals

Virgin Atlantic has their official sale page where you can find these brilliant deals pretty easily. Just click here, and then select Orlando as the destination. You can pick from a Manchester departure or a London Gatwick departure, and actually Manchester is a few quid cheaper! British Airways has also matched on price from London, and you can find those deals here.

All flights to the USA allow 24 hour cancellation where you receive a full refund if you change your mind within 24 hours, so it’s worth noting that you can book these and then spend 23 hours thinking about how to make it work. Better to get in on the sale and cancel than miss it while planning.

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