In real life and online things just always seem better and easier for the popular kids. Not only do they get the last row on the bus, it appears that they can get hotel discounts for having lots of “cool” friends too. Don’t worry, if your only friend is an airline or hotel you can be cool too. Hotel booking site Hotelied promises substantial discounts based on your connectivity through social media, hotel and airline elite status and more. 

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If your head is as confused as mine is don’t worry. I’m with you. It’s an interesting concept, the idea that people with more social reach or elite status should receive discounts. Putting aside the feelings of unfairness to folks like my parents who are more likely to orbit the moon than join Facebook, i’m intrigued by savings, especially on nice hotels. After linking my social profiles through to Hotelied they informed me that I could save up to $120 a night based on my elite statuses and social profiles. Interesting. So far they have the ability to book 300 properties, only 100 of which can offer these substantial discounts. That’s somewhat limiting, but if your travel happens to include one of the discounted hotel cities, I’ll gladly save some cash just for having an internet profile.

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For you data freaks who won’t login through any third party site, I can see this being a big hurdle. Personally I don’t stress too much. Financial data I won’t share, frequent flyer numbers, facebook and stuff I don’t really care. I monitor them anyway. I guess I approach this with a well, if I am struggling for a good option you have nothing to lose by plugging in your info. Gary Leff also wrangled a discount code for mentioning it on his site which you can stack onto whatever discount you receive to grab an extra $100 off any three night stay. Plug it in. See how you feel. It could be great, it could be nothing!

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