You may not know it until it happens, but you might just be an UberVIP.  Reserved for customers who love Uber enough to take it as frequently as a cup of morning coffee, UberVIP is Uber’s way of recognizing their most valuable riders. But before you go buy a red velvet rope to roll out on curbs around the world – UberVIP unfortunately is not yet that special. Here’s everything you need to know about UberVIP – and what you can expect once you achieve it…

a sign on the groundQualification

UberVIP is for customers who’ve either taken more than 100 rides in one market, taken ten or more rides in a city in one month or have the American Express Platinum card. The only way you’ll really know you’ve become an UberVIP is by opening the app in your main city of use. When you do, you’ll begin to see VIP at the end of any potential ride options. Such as “UberXVIP”.


The most powerful perk of UberVIP is priority. As a VIP customer, you’ll receive priority access to Uber’s best drivers, or those with the highest star ratings. While it’s impossible to know exactly how Uber calculates these kind of things, your request will always be at the top priority. But one important thing to know – just because you’re a VIP in one place, doesn’t mean you’re a VIP everywhere. And before you ask – prices stay the same.

a man in a suit walking next to a carFuture

Uber has hinted at more substantial perks in the future – and that makes sense. While connecting rides with better drivers is great, faster service and potential discounts for extra use would be awesome. If top riders received discount vouchers, or complimentary UberBlack, Luxe or other high end upgrades – it would create even more reason to ride with Uber over the competition.

Credit Card

Uber has launched their own rewards credit card, offering points for rides and just about everything else you already do. It also offers 4X points on dining. The Uber credit card may soon grant automatic VIP status, which would be an excellent perk for frequent travelers in need of good drivers – and fast.

What VIP benefit would you like Uber to introduce?

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  1. In my experience, prices are typically just slightly higher than the equivalent non-VIP option in my experience. I have always found it odd that they’ll charge me $19.22 for an UberX ride or $19.50 for UberVIP. It seems to be of very little value to me – would be great if they would differentiate by adding more perks.

  2. Living in NYC and apparently using Uber at times when everyone else is using Uber also, the only perk I want to see is waiving surge pricing for VIP members–that would be huge.

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