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It’s hard to go anywhere these days without hoards of tourists right there with you. It starts at the breakfast buffet and really doesn’t seem to ever let up. With the world of social media and the internet of things, it doesn’t take much for a destination to become the next big, trending hot spot. So – before these beautiful, underrated parts of the world become crowded with humans with selfie sticks, you should get there first. Here are a few ideas for the road less traveled, which may just become the best you’ve ever seen.

a blue water and green hillsTimor-Leste

The dream of sitting on a picture perfect beach without hundreds of other tourists doesn’t seem very realistic these days – but it really could happen. This is definitely a spot worth visiting before too many others find out. It’s surprisingly reasonable to reach too, with flights from Darwin!

a street with cars parked on it and a snowy mountain in the backgroundLiechtenstein

For such a charmingly, beautiful country, it’s surprising how few tourists flock here. It makes up for its lack in size with gorgeous scenery, medieval villages and endless style. If you want that romantic European experience without the crowds, add this to the list.

a man in a boat in a riverBangladesh

It may be densely populated, but at least it’s not over crowded with tourists. Enjoy the culture, luscious greenery and winding waterways. Value for money in Bangladesh is off the charts, so for the adventurous and budget conscious traveler, this is a real winner.

a rocky shore with blue water and cloudsTuvalu

This group of tiny islands sit about half way between Australia and Hawaii, so although not exactly the most convenient to get to, the crystal blue waters, soft sand and lack of people make it very appealing. If you loved the movie Cast Away, you’ll love Tuvalu.

a castle on a cliffSan Marino

This minute country is surrounded by Italy and boasts stunning views of the quintessentially classic surrounding countryside. If you like castles and dramatic hilltops, you’ll definitely want to visit. After all, Italy and the rest of Western Europe is just a direct flight away!

Paro Taktsang on a cliffBhutan

If you’re looking to fill your Instagram feed with pictures that will blow people’s minds while avoiding traditional clichés, then this is your spot. The scenery really is some of the best on earth, with lush green hillsides, rugged mountains and the most beautiful temples you’ve ever seen. Peace and simplicity is the way of life here.

a mountain with smoke coming out of itMontserrat

If you’re willing to put aside the risk of active volcano still rumbling (hey, they are in Italy anyway too), then this beautiful, dramatic Caribbean island can make for a lovely time – especially without too many people around to ruin it. Ditch the mega resorts for this mega beautiful hot spot.

a river running through a valleyMoldova

Sitting between Romania and Ukraine, now is definitely the time to visit – before everyone else does. It’s got culture, impressive landscapes and lots of vineyards! Yes,  Moldovan wine is one of the most historic yet underrated regions on earth, but great exchange rates for tourists and increasing distribution are changing that. It may be as expensive as Napa in 10 years!

If you could visit just one, which one would you choose?

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  1. Bhutan isn’t too crazy about tourism. You need to pay at least $250a day and be guided by a gov’t approved tour guide.

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