“We’re not just building a bigger airline, we’re building one that’s harder to reach”….

What could you do with twelve hours? First off a huge cowboy hat tip to Micah and Jared for roping me in on this one. Following the cowboy theme, Delta seems like the gang that can’t shoot straight. Before today I couldn’t imagine things getting any worse for the airline. I mean they’ve already taken down their award chart thus giving mileage holders no sense of value, switched to revenue based earning and taken a crack at using the 9/11 card to explain why Emirates and company are out working them. Wait, sorry, yes things can get worse and they did. Delta managed to offer loyal fliers a twelve hour wait on hold to speak to a Delta front line rep…. 

an airplane on the runway

Your call is important to us, please enjoy this TWELVE hour flute solo comes to mind. If this sounds too ridiculous to be true, it’s not. Fortunately Micah and Jared were able to get an audio clip of their hold time sending themselves, then me and now you into laughter. Delta, I know you don’t want people to get any value for their miles, but don’t you want people to hand you money? I am currently spending my evening thinking of the things I could do with that twelve hour hold time such as: fly to Australia, run two marathons or watch all of the Lord Of The Rings films. Delta, if you’re listening, please bring back the award chart and please, please, please work on getting that wait time down to ten hours. We are busy people. 

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