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The last thing an airline would want to do right now is keep someone from booking a ticket, right? That’s clearly Delta Airlines thought, and to woo customers accordingly, the airline is extending flexibility for all bookings made by March 31st, 2021. In addition to extending flexibility, Delta is eliminating pesky change fees forever.

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Delta Extends Fee Waivers And Easy Cancellation Through March 31st, 2021

Delta is one of the few global airlines continuing to block middle seats, or cap flight capacity at 60% for all flights through March 30th, 2021. But why stop there?

All Delta tickets booked before March 31st, 2021 will enjoy a change fee waiver, no cancellation fees; or if you used points to book, a mileage redeposit waiver. It sounds great, and it is, but it’s also important to note that any fare difference would still apply.

Basically, if you buy a $1000 ticket, Delta is waiving change fees which historically could cost up to $400, in addition to any fare difference. That’s superb news, but if the new ticket costs $1200, you’d still have a $200 fare difference to pay, which is not waived. You just get to skip out on any fees, and if you need to cancel, there’s no penalty to do so. It’s excellent news, but the longer picture is better.

If you no longer wish to travel, and don’t want to immediately change to another flight, you’ll be able to enjoy an e-credit for the full amount, to use for future flights. Changes can be made for up to a year from the purchase date.

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Delta Eliminates Most International Change Fees

The three big US airlines American, Delta and United ditched domestic change fees earlier this year, in a return to the friendly policies of old, from the last great financial crisis. Funny how that works.

Now, Delta is joining American Airlines in eliminating all change fees for a wider variety of destinations. In fact, all tickets departing from North America are included, even to the most far reaching international destinations, and even including those on partners like Air France, KLM Or Virgin Atlantic. The only exception? Basic economy tickets.

All tickets in “Main Cabin” and above will benefit from the changes, “forever”. Or at least until the next economic boom comes. Forever may be a word airlines use loosely when it comes to customer friendly perks.

You can read up on all the news and specifics at Delta’s “Flying Made Simple” hub.

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