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Not all travel is irresponsible right now, or wrong. Travel connects people, family, places and things, and with the necessary precautions, it’s still a vital part of the world. But people are afraid, particularly on planes.

The fear that the person sitting next to you could be causing you harm is a real one, and some airlines are putting people before profits, to guarantee middle seats stay blocked, even when flights could be full. Delta has been a leader in this regard, and now, the airline is extending their blocked middle seat policy until 2021…

a woman wearing a mask and gloves in an airplane

Delta Extends Blocked Middle Seats

Some airlines say they’ll block middle seats when they can, other airlines guarantee that you won’t sit next to anyone on your flight. Delta is one such airline guaranteeing a blocked middle seat, extending their policy to cover all travel through January 6th, 2021, at the very earliest. The airline isn’t mixing words, either…

If you’re considering holiday travel this year, Delta is your choice for safer space.

Delta Airlines

For those traveling solo, middle seats will simply be blocked, and you’ll always have a space between you and the next passenger. If you’re traveling on Delta with a companion, or a few, here’s how things will work…

  • For customers in parties of 1-2: Middle seats will be blocked for safety.
  • For customers in parties of 3 or more: Middle seats will appear as available for booking, to allow families and travel companions to select seats together.
Delta one Suites Cabin

On International flights which offer Delta One Suites, or flat bed seats, cabins will begin to operate at full capacity from October 1st. Given that most of these suites have privacy doors, and far more space than most others, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Delta is also extending customer flexibility policies for all tickets purchased through September 30th, which allow you to change flights with no fees. A fare difference may apply, depending on the ticket, but for pushing plans back to next year, it’s typically easy enough to find an equal, if not lower fare.

Speaking of the moves, which come in contrast to other US based airlines, Delta Airlines Chief Customer Experience Officer, Bill Lentsch offered…

“We believe that taking care of our customers and employees and restoring confidence in the safety of air travel is more important right now than filling up every seat on a plane. We’ll continue taking a thoughtful, layered approach ensuring customers know to expect the highest standard of care as they prepare for their holiday travels.”

Bill Lentsch, Delta Chief Customer Officer

Will it make a difference? Only time will tell. The vast majority of customers booked based on price alone in pre covid-19 times, but these are no ordinary times. Guaranteeing peace of mind may be worth something, particularly as travel to see family around the holidays approaches. If the middle seat will definitely remain free, and the price is right too, it’s a no brainer.

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