Any seat with a privacy button is a winner…

Business class was once a cabin that looked like the living room of a movie buff or sports junkie. Lazy boy seats and cupholders were about the only thing of note, and while any and all additional comfort in the sky is always appreciated, the seats just weren’t that exciting. Ten years ago Delta revolutionized the landscape for US airlines, adding flat bed seats without the need to step over anyone to their Boeing 767 fleet. The flat bed seats were a triumphant hit, but times are changing and its happening fast. In recent comments, Delta CEO Ed Bastian was quoted with exciting news. Delta is putting new fully enclosed suites with privacy doors onto their fleet of Boeing 767-400 aircraft, and it’s happening sooner than later.

The Delta One Suite

Delta has won much acclaim for the new Delta One Suite, introduced first onto the Airbus A350 aircraft. The aircraft currently serves many of Delta’s most important routes to Asia, as well as a few select European hubs. A full list can be found here. Ed Bastian has now been quoted saying Delta will install the same suite onto the Boeing 767-400 fleet, in addition to the Boeing 777 fleet. The move is somewhat surprising given the narrower fuselage found on the 767 versus the A350 and 777 aircraft, which begs the question of whether a staggered 1-1-1 layout will be used, rather than the current 1 window, 2 middle and 1 window configuration.

Premium Economy Too

Delta has been ensnared in mild controversy regarding their definition of Premium Economy. The airline offers “economy comfort”, which is an excellent extra legroom section of economy, but by international standards is hardly its own bonafide cabin. Delta introduced its first “true” premium economy on the Airbus A350 with “Premium Select” and Bastian has noted that the 767, A330 and Boeing 777 will all receive this true Premium Economy product as part of these expansive refurbishments over the coming years.

Rollout And Reading Between…

Bastian makes no promise of date in his remarks, but the sheer announcement carries waves of insight. Delta’s 767 fleet is the workhorse of the Delta brand and is far from young. The planes have however been extremely well maintained, and this is a signal that with a fresh makeover, including legitimately excellent premium economy seats and new suites, these planes will be flying for a long time to come. How can you know? They just wouldn’t be spending that kind of money on refurbishment if they weren’t.

What do you think of this big Delta news?

HT: ViewFromTheWing

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