Everyone around the world is adjusting to the new normal and new ways of doing business as a result of covid-19, and airlines certainly aren’t excluded. Looking to limit issues derived from person to person contact, many airlines simplified or even completely removed service and amenities from flights in recent months, but after a short hiatus, service elements are returning.

For many, booze is a part of the flying experience, and Delta is slowly bringing it back to select domestic flights, but only for those up front, or close to the front… for now.

Delta’s Covid-19 Domestic Alcoholic Drink Service

Delta will bring the booze back to First Class and Delta Comfort+ on domestic flights over 500 miles, starting July 2nd. Before you start pouring the Woodford Reserve in your mind, the selection will be limited to individually bottled wines and beers only, at least at first.

Your choices? Heineken, Miller Lite, SweetWater 420, and SweetWater IPA, and red or white wine. No sparkling and no hard liquor of any kind. It is summer, so a nice cold wine or beer is tough to beat anyway, and avoids the issue of handling ice.

How do you know if your flight is over 500 miles? You’ll see the length of any flight in miles when you login to your reservation online at Delta.com and look at the flight details, typically on the right hand side of the screen. If your flight is over 500, you’ll get your beer and wine in first class and Delta Comfort+.

International flights always continued to enjoy an an abbreviated alcoholic beverage service, so fret not if you’ve got one of those coming up, and rejoice in the fact that these services still do offer spirits in addition to wine and beer. in all cabins. The main change? In Delta One, water will be your pre-departure beverage.

How Long Will This New Service Last?

Airlines are figuring out the best ways to entice customers back with great amenities and service, while also reassuring guests that safety will be the first and foremost priority. There’s an equilibrium to be found between necessary cuts in the name of health, and cheeky short term cost cuts.

US based airlines have made mask wearing mandatory, even if a few covidiots refuse to, and are adding safety elements including additional cleaning, protective gear for cabin crew members and new boarding procedures to minimize standing around in close proximity. If covid-19 does anything to help airline boarding, it’ll be one silver lining from this horrific pandemic…

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