Don’t get caught up in the moment, make one…

Where did it go? You know, the initial dream and excitement of traveling more, traveling better and discovering new places? If you look around the internet these days, particularly travel forums and comments sections, all you seem to find are angsty, antagonistic and condescending comments, regardless of how well intentioned the topic. From complaints about champagne temperature to eye rolling comments regarding destinations, it’s hard to understand where it all went wrong…

Support Group

Someone recently said to me, “it seems like every frequent flyer forum is a support group for people who’ve been served champagne at room temperature, and need therapy”. They’re right. To borrow sentiment from Louis CK, people forget that for a plane to take off, thousands of things must all go right. A metal or composite tube carrying hundreds of passengers, tonnes of cargo and highly sophisticated systems hurdles into the air, bringing you to new and truly exciting destinations and all you can think about is why the wifi is slow? Or why the drink temperature isn’t perfect? Hello! You’re flying. A satellite, which launched into space is communicating with this vessel you’re on, while traveling at 590mph at more than 5 miles above the surface of the earth.

Chill Out

People need to chill out. Like, seriously. You went to said travel blog, or travel forum seeking information and insight. If you gained any information or insight, say thank you and leave. If you didn’t, just move on. If 30,000 people read my site in a day, I get roughly zero “great article” comments, but always an endless sea of complaints, either about the article, the airline, the hotel, the app, the destination or the piece of travel gear. This coincides with the biggest mistake travelers make. They only discover their voice when it’s time to complain. If you actually wanted travel to be better, you’d speak up when GOOD things happen, so that the people who make the good things happen get promoted, and make more good things happen.

Shut Up

I can’t help but laugh when you think that people part ways with $5 bucks a day at Starbucks mega corp, yet find time in their supposedly busy lives to complain about the free information, which could potentially save them thousands of dollars, or take them to the best places on earth. The outrage people find with bloggers who find a way to make a living through their content is comical, if not downright painful. How dare this person make money off the free information they gave me that took me on the best trip of my life! How dare they. Grow up, shut up.

Better World

For the world to become a better place, and it could definitely become a better place, people need to remember why they got into travel. It’s because the world is beautiful, even if the people that inhabit it are not. There’s so much to see. Even as a “full time” traveler, there are too many things I haven’t seen, and my only fear in life is not getting to see them. Seek information, seek fun and make the internet a better place by remembering why you’re there in the first place.

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