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You may have heard of Paris, the city known for romantic walks along the Seine, exquisite food, better wine and enough culture-creature features to satisfy even the most cunning intellect? Well, now you can see it for yourself, for $245 round trip on a major airline. American, Delta, BA, Finnair and a variety of mainline carriers are launching a fare war to Paris, and when they do that, we win. Here’s how to take part…

a tower with trees in front of itThe Flight Deals To Paris

If you told someone five years ago that you could fly round trip to Europe for $245 on a major airline, you’d have been laughed out of the room. Now, it’s your turn to do the laughing, by ticking a trip to Paris off, for under $300 round trip.

Delta and Air France are battling American, British Airways and Finnair to offer the best deals to Paris and that means flights under $350 round trip from: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more, with the lowest deals for a mere $245 all in.

The Dates You Can Travel

Each city is a bit different, but these deals are wide open in February and March, and still kicking well in April and May, before returning in August through the end of the year. Basically, you’ve got plenty of chance to make 2020 the year you see (or return) to Paris.

To find the lowest prices on your search, you’ll need to stay at least 5 nights in Paris for the prices to come up. If you want shorter, it’ll be just a few bucks higher, but longer is fine at the same price.

Paris, France - August 11, 2017. Typical street scene in Paris with restaurant, shop and scooter. Narrow French lane with vintage colorful exterior and traditional white blinds.How To Book These Flights

Flight deals should be fun and “jump up and down” exciting, not “face palm” frustrating. That’s why we’ve made easy to use flight deal links, which take you directly to examples at the lowest prices. That way, all you need to do is change the dates and keep on searching to find something that works for you, like…

Here’s a few tips for avoiding being an oblivious tourist in Paris, and also a few if you plan to visit the Louvre, which has instituted stricter guidelines for when you visit, particularly for some of the new and exciting exhibitions. Bon voyage! That means happy travels in French, by the way…

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  1. @RJB – at these prices book a cheap flight DC-NY (or use points). I do that all the time when fares out of a specific city are that much lower than what I can get from my home airport

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