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You might not want to travel right now, or you might just not be able to. For US citizens, the world isn’t quite what it used to be, but it won’t always be that way, and many countries which pledged not to open at all in 2020 are now quickly opening their doors, as signs of responsible, safe travel and tourism emerge.

If you want something to dream about for next year, or even later this year, $220 round trip flights to Europe sure ain’t bad, particularly when its dreamy Barcelona or London up for grabs. If you only need one way, or want to use points to get back, sub $100 fares are easy to find right now, which is bonkers.

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Sub $100 One Way, $220 Round Trip Flights To Europe

TAP Portugal is a Star Alliance carrier on the move, with one of the best new loyalty programs and a modern fleet of brand new Airbus aircraft. The carrier has flights from New York, Miami and San Francisco under $100 one way to London, or under $280 round trip. There’s also $260 round trip to Barcelona which is an incredible deal.

At the same time, Iberia and LEVEL have $260 round trip flights from Boston to Barcelona, adding a third gateway for sub $300 round trip Europe flights. And yes, these go well into 2021 so you don’t need to worry about travel in the current environment, or the Europe ban, for now.

The Dates You Can Book

These deals are wide open for travel in 2020, but also well into 2021. We found dates all the way through July of 2021, and even into August meaning you’ve got all winter, spring and most of summer to enjoy Europe next year. Barcelona in the spring is just amazing.

Most of these flight offers have no minimum stay requirement, which means even a long weekend would work just fine. Even better, with the opportunity to fly one way at no extra fare costs, you could use miles one way to make this a super cheap trip.

Paying under $100 to get to London, and then using miles to get back could be a brilliant way to enjoy a trip!

Poble Espanyol - traditional architectures in Barcelona, Spain

How To Book These Flights

Booking these flights is easy, and you can use all the handy tools from Google Flights to book them with ease, at the lowest prices. We’ve made example links of all the low prices, so you can simply click, play with dates and book for yourself, like…

At these prices, there’s not a lot to lose, and a whole lot to gain. With availability using points and miles as good at it ever gets, these deals could be the perfect way to fly business class one way, rather than economy round trip, without adding much to the cost at all.

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