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Economy deals are all the rage right now, but they leave a bit to be desired. For starters, there’s no checked bag on most of the cheapest offerings. Deal breaker, for some. Today we have a couple deals, which will get you checked bags, a seat that won’t break your back and even a chance to use your hard earned credit card points or miles to fly business class on the cheap!

a row of chairs in a planeThe Hot Premium Economy Deals…

As summer in the Northern Hemisphere is winding down- weather in Miami and are LA is business as usual. That means: hot. To get people out of their seats, and help break all New Years goals, Virgin Atlantic, Air France and British Airways are offering hot deals out of a few European cities like Berlin, London, Geneva, Amsterdam and Oslo to the sun, glitz and glamour of Miami, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Via these deals, you can use credit card points or airline miles to upgrade to flat bed business class, without paying any additional cash. Amazing.

palm trees next to buildingsThe Dates You Can Jet Off In Comfort…

These deals are widely available from October/November 2017 to June of 2018. Not every date will be available, so we suggest using Google Flights to search dates on all airlines with ease. You can even see an entire calendar month of prices at a time, which helps. Don’t worry, we’ve got links for you to play with- with all the best prices already plugged in.

a vineyard with trees and hills in the backgroundHow To Book These Deals

These deals are bookable direct with each airline. Here are links in price order, from each city, round trip: £530 Stockholm to San Francisco, £540 Stockholm to Los Angeles, £542 Oslo to Los Angeles, £631 Geneva to Miami, £675 London to Miami, £708 Berlin to Miami or San Francisco.

a glass of champagne on a tableAnd How To Upgrade Them…

The best way to upgrade these flights is to search for flights with availability (you can even just ask the airline) before booking. If there’s upgrade space available, you can use Amex, Chase or Citi points to upgrade most of these flights, if you don’t already have miles with Air France, British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. Here’s a complete (easy to use) guide to upgrading from Premium Economy to flat bed Business Class. Enjoy!

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