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As mentioned already in our “US cities to Spain or Portugal” deal yesterday, TAP Air Portugal has launched an excellent sale. We had a deeper look into possible routes from Euro cities to North America and found some real bargains. The cheapest fare from Europe to North America begins at only £795/€940, Oslo to New York. We have added a few examples with prices below.

Don’t wait too long, only a limited number of cheap Business Class tickets are being sold.

As a reminder, no aircraft with old cabin flies anymore with TAP colours and they have one of the newest long-haul fleets in the world with lie-flat seats.


Travel Dates

March 1 – March 30, 2020 and April 21 – May 31, 2020.
These are the dates for which you can apply the promo Code.
That doesn’t mean that you will find cheap business class tickets on every single day, but there are dates available as shown in the examples below.


How To Book These Flight Deals

These Deals have to be booked via TAP’s Homepage where you have to apply the promo Code SPRING20. If you click here you will be sent to the page with the discount code already applied.
(in case the code is not applied already, enter SPRING20 under “I have a promotion or a congress code” on the bottom of the page)

Here are some examples with prices in Business Class, after using the promo code:


  • Amsterdam to Montreal      £1045/1245€  (15-21 May)
  • Copenhagen to New York    £970/1155€ (18-25th March)
  • Dublin to Chicago           £850/1010€  (22-28th March)
  • Dublin to New York         £950/1130€  (22-29th April)
  • Dublin to Miami               £965/1150€  (18-25th March)
  • Frankfurt to Boston         £1030/1225€  (18-25th March)
  • Frankfurt to New York     £1055/1255€  (18-25th March)
  • London to New York       £1095/1303€  (11-17 March)
  • Munich to Boston         £1030/1225€    (18-25th March)
  • Munich to New York     £1050/1250€    (18-25th March)
  • Luxembourg to New York     £985/1170€  (18-24 March)
  • Luxembourg to Toronto        £1005/1195€   (7-15th May)
  • Oslo to New York     £790/940€    (18-25th March)
  • Paris to Miami         £1165/1385€  (11-18th March)


These are just examples, more dates and city combinations are possible.


In case the code is not applied already, and If M+G Promo is selected, you have to untick that box first…

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..and enter the code at the bottom

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a screenshot of a flight

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