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Flights between London and Tel Aviv clock in just under 5 hours typically, meaning a bed is lovely if it’s no sweat, but premium economy is more than enough. At £487, less than half the cost of business class, it’s a total bargain. Even better – you’re going to Tel Aviv, one of the best spring travel cities on the planet. Oh, and the flights are direct. Here’s how to book one of these fab deals, while they last…

a row of chairs in a planeTel Aviv In Premium Economy

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are going head to head, with matching premium economy offers to Tel Aviv, at least in terms of price. Which one you’d rather take is up to you. There are economy deals at play for £254, which is fabulous, but for those of you with baggage (not the emotional kind) these premium deals bring checked bags and so much more pitch and legroom.

Plus, with smaller cabins, you’ll typically get more drinks and better service along the way. Cheers to that. Amazingly, these deals have a short minimum stay requirement, which means you can absolutely do Tel Aviv as a long weekend destination. With direct flights under 5 hours and minimal jet lag, it’s quite easy.

The Dates You Can Travel

These deals are wide open for the first half the year, so wide in fact that you could actually leave tomorrow. Availability is outstanding through mid April, and then again from late April through the first couple weeks of May before going back to normal pricing.

To find the lowest prices, you’ll just need a three night stay or more. Something like Thursday to Sunday would work perfectly, so you’d really only miss a day and a half of work. You could always call in sick too…

a street with palm trees and buildingsHow To Book These Flights

These flights are super easy to book with wide open availability and rock bottom pricing for relative comfort. If you’ve been thinking about Tel Aviv, you really should go, because it’s a captivating place with outstanding food and better weather. Expect temperatures in the low 20°C in March during the day, and even warmer in April. Even February is often 19-20! Here’s links to the deals, like…

We’d never leave you hanging, so here’s everything you need to know to have an incredible 48 hours in Tel Aviv. It’s got all you need from restaurants, bars and coffee spots to perfect itineraries to see as much as possible in even the shortest amount of time.

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