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When we say flash-you say sale. Flash-sale! North America hardly ever gets great business class deals to Asia, but if you’re quick on the pulse, you can secure round trip business class to one of the greatest cities in the world, Tokyo from East or West Coast- at prices barely over standard economy fares. Konichiwa!

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The Super Business Class Fares…

With all deals this good, we suggest using miles or a cheap flight to position yourself to the sale city, since savings will likely be far greater than any other location.

The Canadian dollar has been in a downward spiral for a while, which creates a unique opportunity for anyone willing to hop over to Canada to buy airline tickets. Delta has launched a massive Canadian flash sale from Vancouver, Toronto or Calgary to Tokyo. You’ll even be able to fly on Delta’s 747, one of the most iconic planes in the sky. And in case it’s not clear, you get champagne, a flat bed, three+ course meal and all the other good stuff too…

a white airplane in the sky

The Dates You Can Book, While They Last…

This is widely available over June, July, August and September for peak summer travel! Here’s a Google Flights link from Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary

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How To Book This Flash Sale Deal…

This deal will not last, so act fast if you want in. You can book this deal directly on Delta.com. The easiest way to find dates and book is to use the Google Flights links above, like this one, which show you entire calendar months of availability at the prices described. Once you find dates that work, Google Flights will give you a link to click over and book direct with Delta.

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And We Have Lots Of Tokyo Tips For You Too!

Tokyo is one of our very favorite cities. So much to do, and despite it’s reputation for being manic, most parts of the city are anything but. The food is incredible, the parks-gorgeous, the culture-one of a kind. It’s magic, so we made a guide of what to do with a few days in the city, which you can view here, and where to stay on points, here.

HT: zoqfotpik on Flyertalk, an invaluable deal resource…

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