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We know it’s early, and you’re wondering if you read that price correctly- but you did. Ten hours in each direction, to one of the greatest cities on earth for just £1050 ($1300) round trip. We’re talking lounge access, flat beds, top notch service, champagne and all the things that make the journey as exciting as the destination – all for just a hair more than economy.

a road with a city in the backgroundThe Amazing Business Class Deals To Cape Town…

Ethiopian Airlines has quickly skyrocketed to a top notch airline, with some of the newest and best planes in the sky. Their service is impeccable and their prices- you just can’t argue with. The airline is aggressively marketing it’s European service offering extreme deals from Stockholm, Vienna, Dublin or Oslo to sunny (and ridiculously gorgeous) Cape Town, South Africa. A350 and 787 Dreamliner the whole way! As with all deals this good, we recommend considering using miles or a cheap ticket to position to the deal city, since savings will still likely be far greater.

a seat in an airplaneThe Dates You Can Jet Off In Style For Less!

These deals are WIDELY available from September 15th of 2017 through to end of June 2018. Yep, plenty of time for that spring holiday, winter getaway or whatever plan you’ve got concocted. The easiest way to search is using Google Flights. We even have links for you below.

chairs on a deck overlooking a cityHow To Book These Fantastic Deals To Cape Town…

The very best deals are from Stockholm, though all other cities mentioned are within a hundred bucks or so. Here are Google Flights links from Stockholm, Vienna, Oslo, Dublin and Prague, for a bit more on Qatar. If you’re looking for a guide of what to do while in Cape Town, we’ve got one of those, and also some suggestions on RIDICULOUS Airbnb’s.

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  1. Ethopian doesn’t serve Prague like mentioned in the last paragraph – which would have been a great deal for me

    1. I mention that the flight in question is served by Qatar. Sorry it didn’t work out, I hope that Qatar offers another good fare soon.

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