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And you get £5 for free…

If this sounds like a sales pitch – we apologize – it’s not. We’re just big Curve Card fans and love double dipping on points and making our wallets look awesome at the same time. Here’s an easy breakdown of the absolutely genius things that Curve card offers to earn you extra points, save you cash and maximize your account security. Honestly, if it’s not already in your wallet, you’ve been missing out big time and you’ll soon understand exactly why. Oh – and it’s free…

a close up of a credit cardWhat Is Curve?

Curve is the Swiss Army Knife of credit/debit cards. When you use Curve, it appears to merchants (places you spend money) as a Mastercard debit card, but you’re secretly able to use any Visa or Mastercard credit card to earn points for the transaction. That’s right, even if a place technically doesn’t accept credit card – you can use one and earn rewards from both Curve and your favorite rewards program, like an airline or hotel. With just one Curve card, you can pay with any of your cards, switching cards with the touch of a button. Your wallet will never look better.

How Does Curve Card Work?

You download the Curve app onto your phone. You register for a card (referral code C5CFD gets you £5 free). There’s no credit check or anything, just a phone number and address.  You then pair any Mastercard or Visa credit cards you’d like to use with the Curve card, and can begin using Curve for all your transactions. Wondering why it’s worth bothering? We’ll get there.  For starters, it’s contactless, has PIN, can withdraw cash without appearing as a cash transaction to your bank, makes it cheaper to pay abroad and looks awesome.

a credit card next to a piece of wood1% Foreign Transaction Fees

Most UK & European credit cards charge foreign transaction fees of 3% or more. A $1000 hotel stay would cost you $30 in foreign fees, as opposed to just $10 from Curve. By using Curve you’ll pay just 1% in Forex fees, while still using your favorite rewards credit card. Curve processes the transaction and immediately bills you in your local currency, so you never pay fees greater than 1%. You’ll also instantly know exactly how much you spent. That’s a 2% savings on almost every foreign transaction you make. Sold.

Nanjing Road street with many people and signsSwitch Cards And Rebill Weeks Later

Have you already hit your spending threshold on one card, but just got a new card and want to put some spending onto the new one? You can use the “go back in time” feature to re run almost any transaction up to two weeks old. This is an awesome feature ensuring you’ll always earn the perfect rewards for everything you spend – even retroactively. So if you already spent £10,000 to earn a free IHG night with one card, and completed that weeks ago, but just got the new Virgin Atlantic card and want to put spend on that, you could go back and re bill an old transaction to trigger spending on the new card. Genius!

Earn Points On Taxes And Bills

The government rarely takes credit cards for tax and other transactions, but since your Curve card shows up as a Mastercard debit card – you can use it (even though you’re really paying by credit card)! That’s right – you can pay your tax bill, or at least part of it, and earn tons of points you’d otherwise miss out on. Some banks, including one that rhymes WAMEX will often allow you to pay your credit card bill with a debit card. Curve works as a debit card, even though it’s really fueled by your rewards earning credit card. With that in mind, you’re double dipping on points – paying off a credit card bill using a rewards card via your Curve debit card. You’ll earn rewards points for paying another rewards card off. We’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Earn 1% Cash Back For 3 Months

To get you addicted to Curve, the app offers 3 months where you earn 1% cash back at your three favorite retailers. This is in addition to any other points you’d earn from your rewards credit card, giving you an extra “point” for every purchase you make.  So if your favorite credit card earns two points for every buck you spend, you’ll get an extra Curve point too. That’s literally free money.

You can sign up for Curve here. The card is free and if you use referral code C5CFD when registering in the app, you’ll get £5 free. 


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  1. It’s great, but they need to get the limits raised – restrictive for paying taxes throughout the year…

  2. It another benefit is ATM charges don’t get billed – you know the £1.75 per withdrawal type. Free HAHAHA

  3. And you can withdraw £200 cash per month FREE, and get points on whatever card you like

  4. This is a great concept but the I’m guessing the most popular airline points cards are AMEX. It would be great if they could accept AMEX cards in the future.

    1. Some are, some aren’t. People love IHG card, new Virgin card etc. And you can still pay your Amex off.

  5. Love my Curve card. The paying of the Amex has amazed me as when I initially got the card this did not work but tried it this morning and voilà! After I pay my taxes and ‘other card’ bills if I max out the 50k limit I’ll be delighted with the points earning opportunities 🙂

  6. Can this card be used by Canadians? Or is it just for UK and European residents?

    P.S. Great site!

  7. Can i use the curve card (with an IHG card linked) to pay off my amex and then us the curve card (with a virgin credit card linked) to pay off thre IHG card ?

  8. Love the curve card… use my promo code to get £5 extra .

    My promo code is : C4JHS.

    Thanks in advance for using my code.

    1. do you have a recently issued Curve debit card? The oldest ones often don’t work. But thousands of people do this every day. IHG card, Amex, many others. You select debit as payment method.

      1. Just received curve debit last week and tried to pay SPG AMEX with linked Virgin Atlantic MasterCard but failed. If I then switch curve to use a linked HSBC debit card instead and AMEX payment screen accept Curve without any problems. Could Virgin be blocking payment somehow?

        1. hey @Toz, did you ever find out the issue with this? I recently got the curve card too, and tried to pay off a fairly big bill with my Virgin Atlantic Mastercard, but got declined also?

          Absolutely no point adding an actual debit card to curve to do this

  9. Lovely Article and a beautiful Card to use everywhere. Use promo code NV2V5 to get 5 bucks welcome bonus.

  10. Surprised l’m only just learning more about Curve benefits. Here in the UK the likes of Money Saving Expert keep these kind of products at the forefront when describing best legitimate thrift tactics. Incidenty there is a UK Virgin current a/c that allows free overseas debit card withdrawals paying 2% on balances upto 1k GBP, (Ts & Cs apply).

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