The changes will *almost* cost you a beer…

If you haven’t heard of the Dalmatian Coast, you’re totally missing out. Though there are no black and white spotted dogs to be found anywhere, there’s literally an endless sea of cliffside villas, sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and since winter is coming, you can even hide out in a few real life Game Of Thrones locations. Croatia is one of the most sought after destinations in 2018, as tourists seek to avoid the crowds of Western Europe; and to handle the increased demand, Croatia is raising tourist taxes.

a city with lights on the water31 Cents Per Day!

Croatia is really going for it here, raising the nightly tourist tax by a jaw dropping 31 cents. For a bit of context, it’s important to note that the tax was previously a belt tightening 8 kuna, and has now been raised to 10 kuna per night. Tourism authorities plan to spend that extra 31 cents per person, per day wisely, helping to build new infrastructure to accommodate the increasing demand.

Build It And They Will Come

Forget trade tariffs! One industry that’s never been more booming is tourism, and countries are capitalizing on the new found demand and buzz, thanks to instant discovery platforms, such as Instagram. A destination is always just a snap away from being the “must see” place of the year. New Zealand, Barbados and other sought after destinations have recently proposed or enacted nightly tourist tax increases, designed to build better airports, transport systems and offset the impact on the natural habitat.

Dollars And Sense

Spain has experienced a tourism boom in recent years unlike virtually any other. In 2017 alone, the country brought in over 82 million tourists, which represent an €87 Billion dollar industry for the Iberian nation. Croatia has established itself as an affordable, yet equally beautiful alternative to popular Western European destinations, which have become impossibly expensive and rammed with pop culture tourism. Like all destinations, it’s about trends, and if you’re headed to Croatia, try to visit sooner than later. After all, the new tourism tax takes effect January, 2019.

Have you been to Croatia?

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  1. I really like Zagreb. Good food, nice downtown, very tourist friendly, and well priced. If you have any specific coastal suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

  2. I studied abroad in Croatia in 2003 for a summer, primarily in Dubrovnik. It was very different then , mostly European/German tourists and infrastructure was still being rebuilt from the war. I’m sure it would be different to go back now.

  3. While there is a sandy beach here and there, ‘sandy beaches’ is not really an accurate descriptor of Dalmatia.

  4. I you can’t afford a meager 31 cent nightly tourist tax, then you can’t afford to go on holiday, periode. Quite whining!

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