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There’s nothing like the feeling of looking around an aircraft cabin, knowing without a doubt that you got by far the best deal. It’s a sense of pride, joy and most of all, savings. The only thing better than scoring one of the legendary deals, which seem to grace us more and more frequently, is finding the deal all on your own. It’s easier than you think. Here are five ways to become a deal hunting wizard!

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Set Price Alerts

Sites like Kayak and AirFareWatchDog allow you to create price alerts for an unlimited amount of flights. Essentially, for any route you want to fly, you can put in your ideal price, or a price below average, and if the price drops to that point, you’ll get an email. So easy!

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Create Facebook Notifications

Other than the obvious fact that you should choose to get notified or see GodSaveThePoints posts first when you login to Facebook, you should create notifications for all the best deal sites, bringing the deals directly to you, right when they’re posted. It’s easy, just go to a page you like, click where it says “liked” and set “see posts first” and or “get notifications”. They won’t come blaring onto your screen while you’re eating dinner, but when you open up the app, it will be a notification just like getting a comment on a post. Time is of the essence with most great deals…

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Make IFTTT Post Alerts

IFTTT, otherwise known as “if this, then that” is a very cool easy to customize way to push notifications, emails, RSS feeds and any other source of information into one place, essentially creating your own app, just for flight deals. The app is based on rules or recipes that you set. So as a rule, you can say if your favorite business class super deal forum has a new post, it will send you a notification. Similarly, if TheFlightDeal sends you an email, you can create a notification. You can customize it and make it perfect for any combo of feeds, sites, apps, emails and more. I recommend notifications from: ViewFromTheWing, TheFlightDeal, SecretFlying and The Flyertalk Premium Fare Forum, and YES, GodSaveThePoints too…

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Join Email Lists

I get about 6-12 emails per day from a variety of deal sites and forum threads. They make it really to look through quite a few deals at a time, right from your email. If you’re not a big fan of junk mail (as I’m not), consider creating an email address just for frequent flyer, travel, deal stuff. I have one and it works wonders. 

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Browse Flyertalk Deals Daily

Flyertalk has three distinctive forums which are essentially the holy grail of flying deals. Whenever you see one posted on another site, there’s at least a 50% chance it originated on Flyertalk. I’m always searching for business class at economy prices and therefore I love the Premium Fare Forum. If you like great general cheap travel deals in any cabin, you’ll enjoy the Mileage Run forum, filled with all sorts of wacky flights, all around the world. If you want to take it a step further, and become the ultimate spy in the frequent flyer game, you could always try your hand in the Fuel Dumping forum, known as Trick It…

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