San Francisco, USA - May 19, 2016: Tourists wait at terminal cable car turnaround station, the end of the line at Hyde Street, Fisherman's Wharf with Marin Headlands in background. Horizontal
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Was the golden age of travel the 60’s era when cigarettes were allowed on planes, suits and ties were standard gear for long haul flights and tickets cost multiple weeks of salary? Or…

Is the golden age of travel right now – a time when you can fly half way around the world for under £300 on amazing airlines, and wear sweatpants when you do? Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Swiss, Lufthansa and United are offering crazy good deals to San Francisco, and for under £300 return, you might want to jump in…

The Crazy Flight Deals

San Francisco is paradise for foodies, wine lovers, photographers and anyone who just loves the California lifestyle. It’s a city rich in history with fascinating districts for miles. For any thrill seekers, it’s also the perfect place to rent a car and drive down Pacific Coast Highway with the top down.

While there have been some solid deals around all year, there are currently absolutely absurd offers, not on the airlines you’d expect either. You can take your pick of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, United or Swiss, all under £295 round trip. A family of four could literally fly return to San Francisco and enjoy an afternoon tea on Virgin Atlantic for less than £1200 all in. And yes, the deals are the same for solo travellers too.

Our pick would definitely be Virgin Atlantic here, given that you can still take a full sized carry on, get an afternoon tea and will fly direct in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which helps reduce jet lag.

The Dates You Can Travel

The very best deals are available in May and then again from September 2019 thru March 2020. There are a few blackout dates around the December holidays, but that’s about it. To get the very lowest prices, you’ll need to stay at least three nights in San Francisco or the USA, not that it should be a problem. It’s a long way to go for one night. If you’re struggling to find prices, start looking for seven day trips starting on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday…

How To Book These Incredible Deals

Booking great flight deals shouldn’t require a PhD. We’ve made links so easy to use, even if you don’t know what PhD stands for, you should be able to book them. Simply click the links below for each airline and play with dates to find something that works for you, like…

Here’s a bunch of things to avoid in San Francisco, and at the other end of the spectrum, here’s how to spend 48 perfect hours there. Enjoy!

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