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If economy is basic and business is ballin’, premium economy is cozy. There’s enough room to settle in and lay back just enough to make a journey go by comfortably. For the 7-8 hour flight between the UK and India, that kind of added comfort really comes in handy. When you can secure it at prices typical of economy, not premium, it’s even better.

There are some fantastic deals out at the moment to Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore from London and Inverness, both of which are worth jumping on…

a row of chairs in a planeThe Premium Economy Flight Deals To India

Lufthansa is offering amazing deals from London to Bangalore and British Airways and Virgin are out with excellent prices from Inverness to Delhi. Both offer Premium Economy with much improved leg room, checked bags and amenities under £650 round trip. Here’s a look at the Lufthansa Premium Economy experience, as well as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic’s offerings.

The three distinctive flight deals are: £625 London to Bengaluru via Frankfurt with Lufthansa, or £585-635 Inverness to Delhi or Mumbai with British Airways and Virgin or all British Airways.

The Dates You Can Travel To India

The dates are starkly different for both deals, with much greater flexibility to India on the deals out of Inverness. The Lufthansa deals to Bengaluru are exclusively available in September and October of 2019. The British Airways deals from Inverness to Mumbai and Delhi are available from September 2019 thru March 2020, with the lowest prices in prime seasons like January and February.

taj mahal indiaWe found easy availability for trips of one week or more departing on any Wednesday. Other days of the week will work as well. Just play around : )

How To Book These Premium Economy Flights

Skyscanner and Expedia tend to have the lowest prices on these flights. We’ve made easy to use links which take you directly to the best prices to each city, so all you’ll need to do is play with dates to suit your needs and then do the standard boring booking stuff. Here are examples for…

These are solid deals which are at least £200 lower than standard pricing, so even if you’re based in London, using 4,500 points and a couple extra hours of time to save quite a bit of money can be a good move. If you’re in Inverness, even better!

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