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First they came for our liquids, then our electronics – and now, our powders. Countries around the world are quickly ratifying new restrictions on bringing powdered substances on board planes, and the reasons are extremely compelling. Just last year a barbie doll was stuffed with powdered explosive set to detonate 20 minutes after take off, in an attempt to blow up an A380 super jumbo jet. New intelligence has apparently lead officials to take additional precautions going forward, so here’s everything you need to know about the new powder restrictions for flights…

a group of people in a terminalWhat’s Considered A Powder?

Coffee, baby formula, spices, protein, talcum, sugar, cosmetics. if it feels like a powder or looks like a powder, it’s part of the new restriction. You’ll now be limited in the quantity you’re allowed to take on board in your carry on luggage. Effective June 30th, 2018 – the new powder limit for carry on luggage is 350ml, 350 grams or 12 ounces. If you’ve got more, you’ll just need to put it into your checked baggage, where there’s no limit, subject to airline weight restrictions of course. Australia and the United States are the first two countries to introduce the new measures.

a bridge over water with a building and a bridgeWhich Countries Are Restricting Powders?

Effective June 30th, 2018, both Australia and the United States will begin enforcement of the new restriction. The powder limits will be enforced on all international flights departing Australia, with domestic flights excluded. The United States TSA will apply the ban to all departing flights, which will inevitably create further slowdowns at airport security checkpoints. It’s highly likely that many more nations will join the new measure in weeks to come, and this article will be updated as these developments occur.

a pair of x-ray images of objectsWhat Should You Do When Going Through Security With Powders?

Just like your liquids, gels and aerosols, simply remove them from your bag and place them in an open tray for inspection. Security screenings will attempt to validate whatever your powder may be, and it will pass through the machines just like everything else. If the powders aren’t easily identified, security personnel may give the items additional scrutiny – so be prepared for an extended wait. If you’ve got more than 350ml or 12 grams, you’ll need to check a bag.

Will this new powder restriction affect your travels?

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  1. What’s the point of allowing powders to be put in checked in baggage which goes in hold as if someone has put explosive in they could still detonate it! Why not ban all liquids and powders altogether on flights.

  2. Lost my container of baby powder on June 22nd on a domestic flight in Canada so it has started there already. Nobody knows about this. This piece is the first I’ve read about it.

  3. I’m confused though because if this person filled a Barbie with powder to get it on the plane then it doesn’t really matter if it’s banned because they’re already hiding it. Unless terrorist are bizarrely rule conscious (in which case has anybody asked them to stop?) then I don’t think it’ll help much but I suppose I think most people can go without powder for a few hours so might as well.

    Bonus anecdote. My friend who is really self conscious about her feet pong once put talc into her boots in an airport and they pulled her out to test for cocaine

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