Rio Celeste Waterfall photographed in Costa Rica.

There just aren’t all that many places Americans can go right now, and some of that is with very fair reason. The US has not excelled in handling the global covid-19 pandemic and accepting visitors from areas of high infection rate can be crippling to locals areas, particularly in countries without robust healthcare systems, or easy connectivity.

Costa Rica is about to become another dot on the map for some, but not all American visitors, restricting entry to just over a hand full of states. Is this the future of travel for Americans in the near term, or just one dot while spinning the globe?

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Costa Rica Is Opening To US Visitors

After months of lockdown, Costa Rica will soon open for quarantine free travel to US visitors from select states, starting September 1st. American visitors from six Northeast states will be eligible to travel, provided they supply a recent negative covid-19 test at check in, taken within 48 hours of departure.

Costa Rica plans to confirm drivers license as a form of residency proof, and will only accept US visitors from: Connecticut, New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Maine and New Hampshire. Travelers with residency elsewhere in the USA would not be able to transit via New York, or any of these other gateways.

Initially, flights will be limited to four per week from each New York Airport only, including JFK, Newark and LaGuardia, which may cause quite a surge in pricing.

That’s not quite all, either. Travelers will need to have adequate medical coverage in the event of quarantine, and will need to fill out a health declaration, which is fair enough.

Rio Celeste Waterfall photographed in Costa Rica.

Travel Advice: Plan For Changes

Hawaii has pushed back the reopening of tourism three times, and counting. Croatia allowed US visitors while few other European countries would, but then changed the rules to require covid-19 testing, and case spikes all over the world are causing plans to change as well.

Travel is a dish best served last minute right now, or planned well in advance on the basis that things will likely change. Booking with airlines and hotels that offer strong flexibility, such as easy cancellation without penalty is one of the best ways forward.

Using points can also be a clever way to plan travel right now, with easy cancellation, and less hassle if refunds become necessary. Costa Rica is a stunning destination from lush waterfalls and rainforest all the way to the sandy beach barbecues, but if you’re thinking about going, be prepared for last minute changes.

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  1. What about nationals that are American citizens. Do they have to get the insurance like the tourists.

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