As a (very) frequent world traveler- I’d like to think I know most of the tips and tricks out there – but apparently I’ve got a lot to learn when it comes to London transit. Just this week my mind was blown when I learned that a fellow travel enthusiast doesn’t take the train, helicopter, car or tube to get to the airport in London. Nope he takes a far more efficient method – and the airline pays for it!

a clock tower and a buildingLimo bike. Yes, marrying the concept of luxury limousine and the swift, weaving capabilities of a motorbike – limo bike must be without a doubt the coolest way to beat the (24 hour a day) rush hour from London to Heathrow, Gatwick or any other area airport. The only thing cooler? Business class passengers on Virgin Atlantic (I) fare classes and above are eligible for chauffeur service, and those in the know can request limo bike – instead of traditional car service- for free.

inside a plane with rows of seatsFor the rest of us, paid rates are not bad at all, and this service is not just for the airport. You can use it within central London for roughly £30. Rides from London to the airport – and vice versa tend to run about £85, which while not the most cost efficient, may be one of the very most time efficient. No matter how bad traffic is, limo bikes can weave their way around the mess. I had no idea, and I’m now hellbent on giving it a go. Is there anything more James Bond than rocking into London on a motorcycle while weaving through traffic? I think not.

HT: Peter Warne.


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