What if you could visit a destination before all the mainstream tourists, right when it just begins to hit it’s prime? Enter TripAdvisors 2018 Destinations On The Rise list. Crunching billions of page views and statistics with editorial views – the company has created a list of under the radar but quickly rising destinations around the world. Here are the ten places you should explore, ASAP!

a building with a tower on the side of itCasablanca, Morocco

Skip the crowded tourist laden traps of Marrakesh and head over to the gorgeous French colonial city of Casablanca. While it’s not exactly under the radar, there are plenty of classic, beautiful locations to explore. The old city is a true delight.

a beach with boats and mountains in the backgroundNerja, Spain

Already an idyllic tourist spot on the Costa Del Sol (that means SUN), this is a slightly less commercialized option. Think extravagant beaches, sweeping views of the Mediterranean and plenty of warm Spanish hospitality. Malaga is your nearest airport, 45 miles away.

a city next to waterRovinj, Croatia

Brightly colored houses reminiscent of the best of Italy are instantly charming, but so are the views. Rovinj is a magical Croatian sea port attracting far less of the tourist masses than Dubrovnik. The nearest airport is Puja, about 40 minutes away – but you can also fly into Venice, Italy which is a beautiful three hour drive.

a street with tables and chairs and umbrellasRiga, Latvia

Long time visitors to Riga will be gutted to see the majestic city on the list. From Art Nouveau to Old City, Riga offers something memorable for everyone. Buzzing night life, powerful history and worthy tourist attractions are everywhere. Riga is easily accessible by most European airlines.

a crater with smoke coming out of it
Poas Volcano, Costa Rica, Central America

San Jose, Costa Rica

With airlines constantly adding more flights into the coffee buzzed Costa Rican capital, it’s clear everyone wants in on the Pura Vida. Costa Rica offers bountiful jungles, volcanos, sandy beaches and now – a whole lot of yoga retreats too. It’s the perfect place to escape the world, if only for a bit.

a river with boats on itGdansk, Poland

There are plenty of historic cities, but few have been so pivotal in shaping the world. The Baltic seaside city has rebuilt itself to become one of the trendiest places in the region for food, drinks and just a perfect weekend away. For the budget conscious traveler, it’s also a great value.

a city skyline with lights on the water

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Everything you want from a remote location including Northern Lights sightings and super clean air, but with the flare of a spirited city. The Citadel Fort offers a unique glimpse into the history of this famous trading port. Hint: the city played a role in prohibition, so the drinks are strong here!

a city with many tall buildings and carsNairobi, Kenya

This metropolis is so much more than a stopping off point before a safari. Nairobi is one of the most progressive cities in East Africa. There’s a thriving food and coffee scene in the city and growing art culture, amidst jam packed markets. It’s manic, but that can be fun sometimes, right?

a beach with mountains and blue water

Kapaa, Hawaii

If you want big resorts, go to Honolulu, but if you want the gems of Kauai, our favorite Hawaiian island – this is the spot. Kapaa is set amongst hills that look photoshopped, with some of the best hidden beaches in Hawaii not far at all. For beating the Hawaii crowds, it doesn’t get better.

a beach with boats and treesIshigaki, Japan

It’s number one, so it’s gotta be great, right? Ishigaki is like Southeast Asia, but with the serenity of Japan attached. Postcard blue waters, paper white beaches, coral reefs and seaside resorts are everywhere you look. There’s a regional airport on the island, making it easy to reach!

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