a glass with liquid and a slice of lemon on it
A stunning cocktail from Atlas Bar in Singapore.

Cocktails and travel go hand in hand. There’s nothing like toasting the moment, wherever it may be, and dimly lit cocktail dens, or heavenly hotel bars have always played their part. But as the world slowly returns to the social scene, the drinks you enjoyed before are unlikely to be the same in a post covid-19 world, from where they’re made to how…

micro trips travel trendWhere’s The Bar?

With social distancing measures in place in most of the world, bars will be more limited in capacity than ever. In a “volume” driven business, that makes the bar in the bar itself precious real estate.

Many cocktail bars are already downsizing the actual bar surface, since it’s expected to be a long time until bar stools will exist again. Until then, expect the bar part of the bar to be smaller to make way for more seated table space.

Pre-Mix Ain’t Bad, Actually

People love the sound of a cocktail shaker, and that’s unlikely to go away, but it too may be just a bit different as things reopen. The trend of the pre-mixed drink was already brewing in recent years, and with less space to whip up fresh drinks, it’s only expected to continue. Really, that’s not a bad thing.

Pre-mixed drinks allow for extra precision, and in many cases, also a beautiful mellowing and joining of flavors. Think barrel aged negroni, which when done right, pretty much beats any fresh negroni. Milk punches and other aged cocktails have been a godsend for bars looking to ship their goods during lockdown, and people don’t seem to mind. Don’t worry, they’ll still put pretty flowers, tinctures and bar ware all over it.

a glass bottle and a glass bottle
Atlas Bar, Singapore

Fancy To-Go

While no one wants to flaunt the law, cocktail bars around the world have survived recently by offering to go cocktails, and while that’s not really the point of an actual space designed for people to sit in, it’s not a bad way to create additional revenue throughout the day. Who wouldn’t like a nice margarita on a hot summer day stroll?

Many bars expect to continue their delivery and/or to go orders as a new way to generate revenue, and in some ways it may actually make bars more profitable than ever. You can’t beat experiencing a cocktail in a stunning setting, but then again you can’t beat a signature clarified milk punch in front of Netflix with sweatpants on.

Covid-19 Dad Joke Cocktails

After months of lockdown, depressingly sad news and their own cooking, everyone will need a bit of light hearted banter when bars open, and many bars are already whipping up their take on the perfect cleaning product cure for covid, and many other hard to resist knee slappers.

If covid-19 has done anything for most people, it’s reminded everyone the simple joys of a drink to ease the nerves at night, and with bartenders having nothing better to do than try things out, the rebirth of the cocktail bar could bring wonderful new possibilities.

Featured image courtesy: Atlas, Singapore

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  1. I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to pre mixed cocktails. I understand the benefit: speed mainly. But often times I’ve had a weaker drink and often one where I’m not sure the high end spirit listed on the menu, is the one that’s in my drink. High end bars like Atlas, I trust. Most others, I do not.

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