Do you like bigger rooms, early check in or late check out and welcome gifts? Ah, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve worked diligently to gain elite hotel status, or perhaps just snagged a great status for free thanks to a previous hotel status match, you’re in for a new complimentary status thanks to a new formal match opportunity from Club Carlson, the brand behind fantastic hotels around the world like the Quorvus luxury collection, Raddison Blu, Park Plaza and more.

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The Match

Club Carlson has formalized their status match program offering a sure fire way for anyone with current elite hotel status to gain perks at a new hotel chain without dropping any of their current perks. It’s a freebie. Any status from Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, IHG, Hyatt and more should match right into this opportunity giving you a suite of benefits at more hotels around the world.

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Ok So How Do I Match?

Easy, for full details you can pull up THIS page. If you’d prefer to just follow instructions:

First, create a free Club Carlson account HERE if you don’t already have one.

Second, send an email to with “Status Match” as the subject. In the email you’ll need to include your Full Name, your Club Carlson number, the name of your frequent guest program which you’ll be using to match, the membership number and tier (silver, gold, etc) of that program and a copy (pdf or jpg) of your current loyalty card. That’s all. No activity or statements needed. Be friendly and say thanks for the opportunity.

Third, wait for up to a week to receive the official good news.

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Is It Worth The Effort?

Without a doubt, yes. This is a free hotel status which can be used at top properties you may wish to stay in. The landscape for top hotels is different in every city, and in many cities Carlson will have many among the top. Not only will you receive perks, you’ll have another competitive program to match from next time another status match comes around. If for example you’re currently a Starwood elite and Hilton isn’t matching from Starwood, but is from Club Carlson, you’ll be in luck, for virtually no effort.


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