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Does anyone actually enjoy a long wait?

First – let it be known that we here at GodSaveThePoints.com are huge CLEAR fans. Perhaps it was the time we made our flight with seconds to spare thanks to skipping the entire PreCheck line at San Francisco Airport, or the time at Seattle where we had enough time to enjoy a great glass of wine, due to the same privilege – but long story short, we love the service. CLEAR is fast, it’s efficient and it’s now surprisingly easy to sign up for. To celebrate the expansion of airports and ease, they’re offering a free three month trial, with no strings attached. Here’s how to get in on the goodness.

a large group of people in a terminalThe Deal

It couldn’t be any simpler. CLEAR is offering a three month free trial of their incredible airport security fast track service – currently available at more than 30 US Airports and expanding. The service uses finger prints or retina to confirm your identity, at which point you feed directly into the front of the TSA line, without any hassle. To learn more about how the service works, head here. This deal is only eligible to US Citizens and permanent resident (Green Card) holders.

Free Trial

CLEAR is offering a three month free trial at this link. You’ll have three months to “try” without any obligation to “buy”. As CLEAR members ourselves, we think you’ll be compelled, especially with their special rates for Delta Skymiles and other loyalty program members. CLEAR is actively expanding to more and more airports and looking make their way into international territories such as the United Kingdom as well.

Time Savings

We’ve undoubtedly saved time and stress using CLEAR. Is it worth it to stay signed up after the trial? That really depends on your finances. If you can easily afford the membership and you travel in and out of airports where CLEAR is available, it’s worth it. If you don’t fly frequently or the membership fee would be a stretch, perhaps TSA PreCheck is good enough.

Want to learn about other great travel fast track opportunities? Head here.

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