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Sometimes when you apply for an exciting new rewards credit card, that 60 seconds of screen refresh isn’t the rewarding feeling you were hoping for, when the “we’re sorry” message appears.

Savvy credit people will know that there’s a reconsideration line to call when you think the bank may not quite see the right picture, but that’s time and effort, not to mention stress. Who wants more stress these days?

In a potentially very exciting move, it appears that Chase may have solved, or at last seriously improved this frustration of the credit card approvals process. A new digital tool will allow people to move credit lines around, to get card approvals done.

It should turn quite a few “we’re sorry” messages into “congratulations” messages.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, a great introductory travel card.

Chase Launches Digital Credit Application Tool

Quite often when an existing customer is denied for a new rewards card, they could’ve actually been approved, if so much credit wasn’t already extended by the same bank.

The bank would really just like for the person to take some of the credit that’s already been offered and spread it around, to free up room. But when most people see a pop up saying “sorry, we’re unable to approve your application”, they simply leave it at that.

To save frustration and actually get new credit cards into peoples hands, Chase has a new digital tool, which allows someone to move credit as needed, directly during the application process. It could be a game changer.

The tool, uncovered by the sleuths at Doctor of Credit should help get a lot of people approved without the need for secondary calls or application follow ups. The new tool will only work for current Chase customers, since it’s designed to move Chase credit lines around.

Let’s take someone wanting to lock in one of the 100,000 point bonuses on the British Airways Card as an example.

If JPMorgan Chase had already extended huge credit lines to two two other cards and didn’t have an appetite to extend “more” credit, a Chase cardholder who fits the other application requirements would be offered to slide some credit from their other cards into the new application to get it approved.

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The “Catch 22” Of Great Credit

The late, great Notorious B.I.G. once noted that more money can bring more problems. Credit lines can certainly make this ring true.

It’s exciting to get approved for a new line of credit with a high limit, but if it’s far more than you’d possibly need, it can impact future approvals, since the bank feels they’ve hit a maximum of what they’d like to extend.

That doesn’t mean they don’t want you to have new cards, though! This “catch 22” of great credit can often see people calling in not about getting a rewards card approved, but about turn their approvals into a lower credit limit to leave room.

This clever new feature rom Chase should help eliminate the need to manually move things around and that’s great news. It should be easier to turn a potential denial or reconsideration request into an “instant” approval.

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  1. I got that with my new Aeroplan card a week ago. A page came up listing my three highest limit cards, telling me I could transfer $5 to 9.6K total from one or more cards. Seemed an odd and arbitrary number, but easy and followed by instant approval. This saves wear and tear on us, as well as their phone reps and reconsideration dept. And I’ve got the card in my wallet as of today.

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