Frequent air travel brings a few welcomed perks and for many, airport lounges are amongst the very best. While everyone else fights for seats and enjoys double priced, watered down coffee, road warriors can rejoice with complimentary beverages, and at the best of times even a shower or a nice hot meal. The problem is, like many parts of society – what constitutes as “ok” can be contentious. You know the types: the loud mouth sales person bragging at extreme volume on the phone, the pissed drunk honeymooners giggling and making out and the perennial favorite – the food and beverage thieves.

Travel Update drew attention to something that arguably few people ever knew existed, lounge etiquette guidelines. It turns out, Cathay Pacific believes that there’s a minimum level of decorum which should be observed in their lounges and have gone to the trouble to write them out very concisely. Qatar Airways also has an etiquette list, but it’s more focused on banning cargo shorts and open toed shoes, which may be equally if not more important in the grand scheme.

You may not make any friends, but carrying a copy on your next visit and handing it to the blowhard blabbermouth next to you may come in handy. In short.

  • Keep your voice down.
  • Use headphones.
  • Set phone to vibrate.
  • Don’t liberate food or beverage from lounge.
  • Don’t dilly dally in the shower facilities.
  • Attend to your children properly.

The full list can be found here. It’s refreshing to see a lounge set terms which should dictate what’s ok and what’s simply not. No one is saying you should “narc” on your seat mate for taking a call, but it may be fair to bring to someones attention that Joe or Jane Blowhard in the corner could benefit from a tone change, and everyone around them might too. Of course, GSTP also created etiquette guidelines for the entire airport experience long ago, in case you need a refresher.

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