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That feeling when somebody “just gets you”…

For most travelers, the airport is far from exciting. Rushing around, hurrying up, waiting endlessly and all just to board a metal tube. Airport lounge change that, and Cathay Pacific has introduced some of the very best – and not just for first and business class passengers. The airline has been an early adaptor of using points to buy lounge access, and to promote their newest Hong Kong lounge, Cathay Pacific have released an incredible ad.

You got that right: Cathay Pacific wants you to chill out, sip champagne and enjoy their new lounge. We’re willing to bet that hits home for quite a few of you. You’ve gotta love the twist on the classic speeding, zipping airport scenes, only to wind up with hours to spare. We’ve reviewed Cathay’s Pier lounges in London and Hong Kong, and can easily say they are some of our favorite places to hang out – airport or not! Isn’t it nice when someone just gets you? Well done, Cathay.

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