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Trust me, I’m with you. I hate click bait. I also hate losing out on money. Actually, I probably hate wasting money more than I do a mere few seconds of my day. Fortunately we won’t waste any seconds and this should help you save some money; or at least get some back. Semantics. Getting cash back on every flight, hotel, car rental or vacation you book is as simple as knowing where to look, clicking the right deal for you and pressing book. 

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There are three major players in the cash back game, EbatesTopCashBack and FatWallet, each offering a very similar, very simple opportunity to earn cash back on purchases you plan on making. All sites offer the opportunity to use all the booking sites, airlines, hotels and vacation companies which you would book on anyway like Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Ebookers and more while offering 1%-15% cash back on your purchase. Why? It’s cheaper than advertising. If you’re about to hit “purchase” on a ticket, car rental, hotel room or package vacation without first going through one of these sites you are missing out on cold hard cash. Every time. It all adds up and it really is that simple. I too hate the posts where they go “ah, now jump through twelve hoops, turn over all your financial data, light your car on fire and enjoy”. This is easy and too lucrative. In order to take advantage of the cash back you simply register with any or all of the sites above, compare cash back options on the sites that suit your purchase and finally, click through to your desired booking site, airline, hotel or car rental company via the cash back portal. If I spend $4,500 on a vacation, seven percent cash back means $350 in my hands. Whatever the deal you’ll just about always earn cash back, with some comparison shopping on EvRewards.com you’re likely to end up with even more of it. 

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Look the hardest part here is sorting through the cash back offers. For the sake of example, sometimes Travelocity will give you 12% cash back for combining flight and hotel bookings on Ebates, or hotels and rental cars on TopCashBack will earn you an additional 5% versus just 1% cash back if you book with another. Sometimes the airline will give you 18% back if you book a premium ticket. The bottom line is you can’t go wrong as long as you are going. For me this is such a no brainer, money back in your pocket is money for dinners, tours, drinks or whatever makes your holiday one to remember or maybe just a little apology to your wallet for going on vacation in the first place. If it’s on your expense account even better!

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