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What’s the point of collecting miles?

How about the world? Miles really can unlock the very best experiences in life, bringing you from sunsets over the Pacific to the greatest patisseries in Paris. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to go – if you’ve got miles, there’s probably a way. 

Capital One Venture (learn more) rocked the credit card game this week, adding a lucrative miles transfer program to their best in class card benefits, allowing cardholders to not only use their miles towards any travel purchase, but to also transfer their Capital One Venture Miles into airline miles.

And yes, it’s already live! It works, and they’ve already added two new transfer partners including Singapore Air and Emirates. Here’s how to go anywhere in the world using Capital One Venture…

capital one ventureBefore we get started, here’s all the Capital One Venture transfer partners, including:

Aeromexico (Club Premier), Air Canada (Aeroplan), Air France KLM (Flying Blue), Alitalia (MilleMiglia Program), Cathay Pacific (Asia Miles), Avianca (LifeMiles), Emirates (Emirates Skywards), Etihad Airways (Etihad Guest), EVA Air (Infinity MileageLands), Finnair (Finnair Plus), Hainan Airlines (Fortune Wings Club), Qantas (Qantas Frequent Flyer) and Qatar Airways (Privilege Club) and Singapore Airlines (KrisFlyer).

How It Works

All the values below are the number of airline miles you need. Your Capital One Venture card earns up to 1.5 airline miles for every dollar you spend – you earn 2x on every purchase with Venture, and then Venture miles transfer to most partners at a 2:1.5 ratio.

You simply login to your online account and select “miles transfer” to transfer your Capital One Venture Miles into miles with any of the specific airline programs below.

For the sake of ease: 100,000 Capital One Venture miles equals 75,000 airline miles with any of the programs below.

a group of red telephone boothsEurope

Capital One airline transfers offer quite a few exciting ways to get to Europe on miles. Whether you want to fly business class, first class or are happy in economy, there are many airlines you can transfer to which will get the job done.

Key Transfer Partners: Air France/KLM Flying Blue, Etihad, Aeroplan.

Best Uses With 50K Capital One Venture Welcome Bonus

Air France/KLM Flying Blue: Air France and KLM run monthly promotional awards which discount the number of miles you need by up to 50% off. This means you can use as few as 26,000 Flying Blue points one way for business class, or 26,000 points round trip for economy.

Aeroplan: Aeroplan offers the pure joy and luxury of first class to Western European cities like London, Paris or Rome for 70,000 Aeroplan points one way, business for 55,000 and economy for 60,000 round trip. This can be a great way to buy a cheap ticket in one direction and fly in total style for the other.

Etihad: Etihad allows you to fly on American Airlines, at even better rates than American Airlines presently charges using American Airlines miles. You’d pay just 50,000 Etihad points one way for flat bed business class on American, which is s total bargain for your miles.

a city with many buildings and a body of waterNorth America & Caribbean 

Sometimes you just don’t need to go very far to have an absolute blast. Venture Miles are really handy for travel within the USA, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico thanks to a variety of easy to use handy options and flexibility. There’s just so many places to choose from!

Key Transfer Partners: Venture Rewards, Aeroplan.

Best Uses With 50K Capital One Venture Sign Up Bonus…

Venture Rewards: If you want to go almost any time you wish, using your Venture Miles towards the cost of a ticket can be brilliant. Whatever the cost of a ticket, you can apply Venture Rewards miles to cover part or all of the ticket, which eliminates blackout dates, at least from the Capital One side. If a flight is sold out, it’s still sold out, ya dig? This can be particularly valuable during flash sales from low cost airlines, where fares can start under $50

Aeroplan: Aeroplan allows you to fly on airlines such as Air Canada and United, which open up just about anywhere in North America! 25,000 Aeroplan points will get you round trip to any destination in Canada or the USA and short flights are just 15,000 points round trip! If you want to live a little in business class, just double the points.

a sailboat with flags on itAsia

Going East can really have its rewards. Asia is one of the best places on the planet for five star hotels at reasonable prices, and with the 10x Capital One Venture partnership with, you can earn 10x miles, or 7.5 airline miles for every dollar you spend through January 2020 when booked at You can really win here. Thanks to the new airline transfer partners it’s even easier…

Key Transfer Partners: AsiaMiles, Avianca, Etihad.

Best Uses With 50K Capital One Venture Sign Up Bonus…

AsiaMiles: AsiaMiles is a really cool transfer option because not only do they offer great rates using points, they have flexible routing rules which allow you to see more destinations. Round trip premium economy to many of the farthest reaches of Asia goes for 80,000 points, and one way in first class is very tempting for 100,000 points.

Etihad: Once again, Etihad comes through with the goods here! You can fly on American Airlines using Etihad Guest miles for 52,500 Etihad points one way in business class to places like Tokyo or Seoul, which is a good reason to get your Venture Miles game up to its full earning potential.

Avianca: One of the most exciting things in points and miles is a promo, and Avianca has jumped into the game. Avianca is now running limited time promotions where you can travel better for less. Round trip economy goes for 70,000 Avianca points and First class suites with privacy doors were recently offered for just 72,000 Avianca points one way between cities like New York, Los Angeles and Seoul.

a landscape of a city and mountainsAfrica & Middle East

Africa is such a cool bucket list destination and so is the Middle East. Whether you’re hoping to visit the souks of Morocco in North Africa, the incredible beaches of Dubai or take an amazing Safari in South Africa, Capital One Venture Miles can get you there, and perhaps even in style…

Key Transfer Partners: Air France/KLM Flying Blue, Etihad, Avianca

Best Uses With 50K Capital One Venture Sign Up Bonus…

Avianca: Avianca brings exciting partner airlines into the mix, such as Swiss Air, Lufthansa and more. You can fly business class to the Middle East for 78,000 Avianca points one way, putting you into Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other exciting destinations with ease. These flights all go via Europe, so side trip?

Air France/KLM Flying Blue: Air France and KLM’s flying blue program allow you to fly on Air France, KLM, Delta and other great SkyTeam airlines. 70,000 Flying Blue miles is enough for a round trip ticket to South Africa, which is a great value. 

Etihad: Noticing a theme here? You can book business class to North Africa using Venture Miles partner Etihad to book tickets with Royal Air Maroc. Just 44,000 Etihad miles gets you one way to Morocco in flat beds, with the potential to even stop in Europe en route for no additional points.

a road next to a body of waterAustralia, New Zealand & Pacific

You can’t truly say you’ve seen the world until you’ve experienced the South Pacific. New Zealand is more gorgeous than pictures can show, Australian beaches are even more fun than the stories you’ve heard and nearby Pacific islands offer more tranquility than most people can imagine. 

Key Transfer Partners: AsiaMiles, Avianca, Aeroplan

Best Uses With 50K Capital One Venture Sign Up Bonus…

AsiaMiles: AsiaMiles allows for really neat opportunities using Capital One Venture miles for trips to the Pacific. By combining airlines like Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Qantas and more, you can take advantage of a multi stop trip. You’ll need to save up, but you could take a cool trip like US to Australia, then coming back with a multi day stop in Hong Kong for 105,000 points in economy or 165,000 in business class. This is an amazing aspirational opportunity. 

Avianca: Avianca allows you to fly to the South Pacific, including dreamy places like Australia and New Zealand for 80,000 Avianca points round trip in economy, utilizing a variety of great airlines like EVA Air. If you want the comforts of business class, 80,000 points will also get you one way in business class. 

Aeroplan: 90,000 round trip for economy, 135,000 for premium economy and 160,000 points for business class to Australia or New Zealand is pretty enticing! Take advantage of the potential to earn 1.5 Aeroplan miles for all Capital One Venture purchases to kick this bucket list trip into gear. 

a beach with people walking on the beachSouth America

Where to? The foodie city of Lima, the incredible buzz of Buenos Aires or the pristine beaches of Rio. Capital One Venture’s airline transfer partners offer outstanding rates and superb value for your miles. You’ll just need to pick where to!

Key Transfer Partners: Etihad, Avianca.

Best Uses With 50K Capital One Venture Sign Up Bonus…

Etihad: Etihad may be a United Emirates based airline, but their partnership with American Airlines makes South America a breeze. Round trip to a buzzing city like Lima is a mere 35,000 points. 60,000 Venture Miles transferred to Etihad can also get you round trip to northern South American cities like Lima or Bogota in business class and 100,000 points will get you round trip in flat beds to Rio, Buenos Aires and more. 

Avianca: Avianca strikes again with great options to South America. 60,000  Avianca points can unlock round trip economy to southern South America. You can always combine one way in economy for 30,000 points and one way in business for 60,000 points as well. South America is always worth it. 

The redemption rates and travel rewards programs described above are current as of December 2018 and may change.  It’s always best to review the most current information directly on the loyalty program’s site.

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