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Nope, your Venture Card annual fee isn’t changing, but your perks are.

Capital One Venture, Venture X and Venture One cardholders now have access to a new $300 perk, with the adventurous in mind. Gravity Haus, the new lifestyle brand for outdoor sports which combines hotels, workspaces, rental gear for skiing and extreme sports is the latest partner for the Venture portfolio.

Basically, it’s a one stop shop solving where to stay, where to grab gear and what to do in key US outdoor sports destinations, like Vail, Breckenridge, Tahoe and also Winter Park.

New $300 Capital One Venture Perk

Capital One Venture Cards — yes, all three of them — just got an amazing new perk for people who love the mountains, winter sports and adventure.

Venture Cardmembers receive a $300 annual benefit when joining Gravity Haus, which offers a somewhat Soho House style approach to outdoor sports, lodging, gear rentals and mountain lifestyle. The vail hotel and location is just steps from the lift!

a building with trees and a ski lift in the background

Gravity Haus’ base membership is typically $70 per month, but Capital One Venture holders can now subscribe for $45 per month, representing a $300 annual savings. A variety of more inclusive plans with more perks are also available, with the same $25 per month discount for Venture cardholders.

Gravity Haus’ adventure-focused outposts solve the problems of “where to play” and “where to stay,” and offer members on-demand premium gear access, functional co-working space, community events + experiences, and a variety of expert-led group fitness and recovery programs, curated amenities and innovative dining experiences.

Gravity Haus

To kick things off and continue the theme of taking on Amex and Chase in becoming the most compelling card issuer for dining, Capital One is throwing a series of events with Gravity Haus for cardmembers, too.

To celebrate this partnership, Capital One will premiere the Venture X Haus, an apres ski pop-up event located just outside the Breckenridge property near the Quicksilver lift.

After hitting the slopes, all Capital One cardholders are eligible to experience the pop-up and explore different Gravity Haus Breckenridge properties, from Breckenridge to Vail to Winter Park, all while enjoying sample bites from James Beard-nominated chefs, drink pairings and more.

The experience will be open February 11-13 and February 18-21 from 11 AM – 5 PM each day.Capital One

Why This Is Cool

Vail, Breckenridge, Tahoe and other stunning outdoor sporting destinations fetch silly money for lodging, gear rental, classes and just about everything else. They’ve almost become a symbol of wasteful excess.

a restaurant with tables and chairs
Gravity Haus Vail

Yet, Gravity Haus seems to be solving the problem by creating a subscription which helps lock in guaranteed discounts on room rates at their award winning properties, guarantees access to equipment rentals, like skis or boards and has a variety of fitness classes available to members too.

For people who don’t gravitate towards the mountains, this may be a bit niche, but for those who do, Gravity Haus is becoming wildly popular among enthusiasts, and saving $300 bucks a year on membership, whichever one you choose, is incredible.

That’s extra true when you consider that this is more than the annual fee for some Venture Cards, and nearly the annual fee for Venture X, which already offers a $300 annual travel credit and things like lounge access.

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    1. This is like $300 off a Peloton. For some, it’s a huge benefit. For others, it’s not. If you don’t ski, or stay in their hotels, it’s probably not a game changer for you. If you do, and you are a subscriber, as many people I know are… it’s a great way to save $300.

  1. I agree with SMR, what kind of PR shill is this? There’s no explanation of what you get for the membership except for some vague and useless “helps lock in” and “guaranteed access to gear” ??? I usually find the posts on this blog useful but this one is shameful

    1. Look… either you ski and visit these places or you don’t. If you do, I know many who have these memberships and will now save $300. If you don’t, you won’t. So you’re going to be mad that they did something that many cardholders will find useful, just because you… don’t… this time around?

  2. This is definitely not something useful. Seems to me that the gravity haus is not getting enough member. Amex platinum $200 airline credit is even more useful than this.

  3. I am not impressed with my venture X card benefits. All happen to be pretty much useless except for the sign on bonus, 300 annual travel credit, 10k bonus thank you points per year starting on year 2 and the extra points for booking travel. All other benefits really suck, are a pain to use and are not special. Almost no deals with United States Airlines & Hotels, priority pass and lounge access is all crap, limited locations and hard to use, and just really think all the benefits really suck. I use my venture x mainly to earn travel points and bonus points for free travel. That’s only perk.

  4. Gilbert I agree with SMR. Normally I love your posts. This one,,,,NOT. But you got us to read your commentary so mission accomplished.

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