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It’s been a long time coming, but the day is here. Canada is now open to fully vaccinated visitors from all over the world. Americans got an early taste in August, but as of today, the world is welcome, provided they’re willing to take a test and fill out some forms.

Here’s the full story on Canada’s reopening, including how you can join. After more than a year stuck on the outside, places like Banff, Whistler and the Okanagan as well as Canada’s endless list of swoon worthy cities will be in high demand.

Canada Is Open For Travel

Canada reopened its borders to all visitors today, but it only applies if you’re fully vaccinated.

America’s neighbors to the North welcomed fully vaccinated Americans on August 9th, and after a successful trial, the doors are now open to fully vaccinated visitors from the rest of the world, with proof of a negative recent test.

Canada is open. You can officially visit.

a lake surrounded by mountains
Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

Yep, from September 7th, Canada welcomes fully vaccinated people from all over the globe once again. It’s got everything you could ask for out of a destination, and more.

A person is considered fully vaccinated and eligible for travel at least two weeks after receiving their final dose(s) of the: AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, Janssen (J& J), Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech.

Pre-departure testing will still be required before heading into Canada and use of the ArriveCAN app is strongly suggested for streamlining vaccination proof, testing and pre flight forms. Officials say travelers may be still selected at random for covid-19 testing on arrival.

Planning A Trip To Canada

Americans and others may be out of practice after a year off, so it’s good to remember that many visitors will still need an eTA, which costs $7 CAD, before they’ll be allowed to enter. US Citizens carrying US Passports do not, but US Permanent Residents do.

Much like the United States ESTA program, these electronic travel authorizations typically take under 30 minutes to be approved, but can take up to 72 hours, so you don’t want to forget before heading to the airport.

Canadian cities from Quebec to Vancouver are always worth the trip, but its the boundless nature that makes Canada such an ideal autumn destination. With fewer people traveling this year, it’s an incredible time to venture into Banff National Park or take an extended road trip.

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Add Canada To The List

It’s genuinely exciting to see more countries, particularly ones which have been extremely cautious, making plans to reopen. It’s even better to see them following through with those plans.

Loved ones have been disconnected, lives put on hold, and now the world is slowly, but surely, making its way back to “normal”.

Canada is open, if you’re vaccinated you can visit, and as a great option with all countries open, it’s an even better option with many still closed. It might be about time to start planning a trip.

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  1. As an American who went to Banff and Jasper Nat’l Parks during the window where we were allowed in before the rest of the world, I can say that they are not as crowded as in a normal year, but certainly not deserted either! Still full enough for restaurant reservations to be required, same with the parking shuttle to lakes Louise and Morraine. If you want to do the Athabasca Glacier walk tour, you must reserve that in advance too.

    Everything else doesn’t require as much advance planning

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