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California and wine is like Keith Richard and the guitar, it’s hard to have one without the other, and few do it better. Plus, where there’s wine, there’s typically lush hills, coastal breeze and some incredible farm to table cuisine to follow. Enough said.

Napa and Sonoma draw just about all the international spotlight when it comes to California wine visitors, and one region which is gaining immense critical acclaim for its wares, and new found love for its views is hellbent on changing that, and quickly.

In fact, the Santa Maria Valley will give you $100 if you come visit for at least two nights by March 31st. Located about an hour north of stunning Santa Barbara, or a fairly easy drive from most of the state, there’s a lot to love.

As a home to some fantastic Central Coast Pinot Noir and other top vineyard delights, it might be money well spent, or actually – earned!

a field of green plants

Santa Maria Tourism Promo

Wineries everywhere, rolling hills as comforting and photo worthy as anywhere, sandy beaches among rocky mountains – the Santa Maria Valley is not to be ignored. Nor, of course, are the critically acclaimed wines from this Central Coast AVA growing region, or the relatively low prices for a trip, compared to more well known locations.

Between trips to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Napa and the endless options California offers, Santa Maria Valley tends to lose out. If you put an end to that, the county will give you a $100 credit towards local restaurants, wineries and craft breweries, according to CNN.

How To Get $100 To Visit And Eat Or Drink

In theory it’s all pretty simple! You make a reservation of at least two nights via the official Santa Maria Tourism website, you fill out the form, and boom, you’ve earned $100 to expand your horizons and enjoy a socially distanced, outdoor travel gem.

The $100 can be used at wineries, local restaurants and other excursions with very little red tape. There’s at least 33 vineyards with tasting rooms available to the public, and more than a dozen beaches, lined with farm to table food.

If you find a hotel offering additional extras or perks for visiting, or added benefits from luxury travel agents, you still get to keep the $100 from the area too. As far as travel goes, the value probably doesn’t get much better. With many travelers staying away from planes, this could be a great road trip destination for West Coast visitors looking for a safe outdoor escape.

If you manage to get there by March 31st, you’re technically getting ‘paid to travel’, which is often cited on bios everywhere as the dream job. Even a small sample will do. The wine though, you’ll want more.

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