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At these prices, you’re definitely getting value…

Take my money, not my points! In a way, points are easier to come by than ever before, but at the same time, the goal lines to cash them in keep getting pushed back. Today there’s a way to even the score, and unlike some nutty opportunities, it’s actually quite straight forward. Thanks to a fantastic sale from french site Vente Privee, you can buy British Airways Avios for just a cent (pence) each. Here’s how to cash in and get your points (almost) effortlessly.

a plane flying above the cloudsThe Avios Deal

Vente Privee is a wildly popular French deal site, which has long collaborated with British Airways. The site has an exclusive discount on Avios purchases, and unlike other recent sales, this is for British Airways Avios – not Iberia or AerLingus Avios which you’ll need a PhD to actually get into a British Airways account. The sale is simple: you can purchase up to 100,000 Avios and you can buy in blocks of 4000, 9000, 20,0000 or 35,000. The sale is priced in Euros, but when you convert to British Pounds, it’s virtually bang on 1p per point.

How To Buy

First, you’ll need a British Airways Executive Club account. It’s free to join, if you’re not already a member. Assuming you have one of those, you’ll need to create a French Vente Privee account. List your post code as 75002 for Paris. You can register for a French Vente Privee account here. You can even generally just sign up using your Facebook profile. Once you do, you’ll be able to access the French private sales. Google Translate may be your friend here. Once you’ve created an account and are logged in – you can click this link, which takes you directly to the British Airways Avios Sale. You can buy multiple packages.

a bed with pillows and a purse on itGetting Your Points

Once you’ve purchased points, they’ll be available to collect from June 15th onward. You must redeem your points voucher by July 1st. Once you redeem your voucher online, using the site given in the order of instructions from Vente Privee, your Avios will appear in your account within 5 days. Traditionally, they appear much sooner! This is a fantastic offer for anyone needing to top up their account for a great redemption. 20,000 Avios points is enough for a one way upgrade from premium to business on certain routes.

Spend British Airways Avios Wisely

We’ve got a great guide on how to maximize your Avios points in 2018. From flight upgrades, to short haul last minute savings and far away first class trips, there are options for everyone. In general, it’s best to avoid cashing in Avios points for long haul economy class, where you pay hefty taxes and surcharges. Just read the guide, you’ll be glad you did.

Are you a buyer?

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  1. Great article. Just what I needed as I looked to top up my account. Thanks & keep up the great work.

  2. Excellent Find! Question: I want to buy 3 * 35k packages. It says that the maximum per member is 100k avios. What happens to my remaining 5k if I buy 3 * 35k packages?

  3. I can’t buy these as it asks for than the Paris post code ?

    Needs a full address and a number ?

    Any help would be great !

  4. I placed an order but don’t think it’s going to be accepted due to the Paris post code. We shall see…
    Anyone else place an order?

  5. I don’t think I can get this yo work due to Paris address. Also cannot enter a phone number that is valid

  6. tried repeatedly to order 100,000 points, takes you to the address page, but it will not validate my British
    address.the Paris zip code shows in the box,but neither my own address or phone no. is validated
    tell me I.m doing something wrong please.

  7. Will try that thanks,is there a chance inputting my real address for payment will invalidate the deal.I will let you know

  8. choose the Four Seasons hotel as my domicile, all required fields were satisfied but clicking the validate button did not advance my application

  9. Success! accepted my information, instead of giving the Four Seasons zip code, I gave the one given by GSTP
    whether that made the difference I don’t know.

  10. Got as far as registering with Vente Privee, clicked on the link to buy and just get sent back to the Vente Privee home page.
    What am I missing here?

  11. Any one had any success with this yet? How does it work? Is the voucher sent to the email on the account? When and where do you provide the British airways account details?

  12. Since I already had a Vente Privee account with a ‘French’ address it was easy. The hard part was waiting until I could get the codes and add them to the ‘Avios’ page. The next hard part is waiting five days until the get into my account.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  13. Having joined Vente Privee and bought the points,I went into my account brought up the invoice.opening other tabs allowed me to translate the page.click on the Avios link which has your code written beside it.this takes you to the Avios site where you input your B.A.
    Details and your code.this is as far as I have got.just waiting for the points to show in my exec account.hopes this helps.

  14. OMG, I love you! I have needed to buy 32,000 avios for a while so I can use my lloyds upgrade voucher on a translatlantic flight, kept putting it off and now I know why. The tips to use a hotel address with the Paris postcode worked perfectly!

  15. Can I just ask – did anyone get their points come through in seperate bundles? I purchased 70,000 (2 x 35k in the same transaction) 2 days ago and have received 35,000 today only. Worried they’ve messed up!

  16. Hi Amber,have you done what I did and only looked at the first page of the invoice from Vente Privee? The second page gives you the 2nd code to use on the Avios site.
    Hope that’s what’s happened.

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