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There’s a four way fight going on in Switzerland between all three airline alliances. Delta has hopped in the fight for SkyTeam, British Airways and Iberia for OneWorld and Swiss is defending home turf for Star Alliance. Rather than make these deals easy to find, they’ve hidden them by making them only available if you search for two passengers. If you can find a travel companion, colleague or friend – you can lock in business class at crazy low prices of just £925 (€1000) round trip to New York City – oh and Seattle and Los Angeles are available too!…

a bridge over a river with buildings and a bridgeThe Deals

There are incredible business class flight deals from Switzerland to NYC. The one and only catch, is that you need to book for two passengers. If you search for one, these deals simply won’t show up. You can fly Delta direct, British Airways via London, Iberia via Madrid or Swiss direct. You’ll earn full miles, tier points, elite status points and all the things you’re after, and by landing one of these great deals, you may even be able to afford dining in New York City! Zurich and Geneva are extremely easy to reach from most European cities, which means it could very well be worth a cheap one way flight or using some points to get in position to take advantage of the deal…

a bed with pillows and a purse on itThe Dates

These deals are available from November 2018 thru July 2019, giving an incredibly wide range of options and opportunities. There’s no telling when these deals will be pulled, so if they’re for you – your best bet is to book first, and then use the free 24 hour cancellation policy to cancel within 24 hours if you can’t make them work.

a city street with many tall buildings and people crossing itHow To Book

If you search on Google Flights, you won’t find these deals just by looking at the calendar of prices. Here are links to the best deals from Geneva and from Zurich. You’ll find the absolute lowest prices via online travel agents, rather than by booking direct with airline.

If you book the British Airways deals, you can use Avios Points to upgrade to first class provided there’s availability. For this reason, it’s best to book directly with British Airways here. You can also make a flight + hotel or flight + car package via BA Holidays, so you only put down £300 and pay the rest as you wish, up to five weeks before travel.

Simply play with dates to lock something great in and enjoy NYC. Here’s a guide to spending 48 perfect hours in the city, and also all the things you should avoid.

Are you jetting off to NYC?

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  1. We picked up 3 GVA-LAX J returns for Jul/Aug, ticketed by AA but on BA Metal.. GBP 1100 each. Done through an OTA in Germany (Elumbus), picked up from Monmodo. Was about GBP 400 cheaper per-ticket than going direct to the airline. While it’s still running, you need to put in two or more passengers to get the pricing. Oh and thanks Gilbert for another great deal alert!

    1. Neil,

      Wonderful to hear. It’s a great deal and knowing people can and do actually make use of things I write makes me extremely happy.

      I’m quite tempted myself!

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