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Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney or Tokyo?

Of all the decisions in life, this may be one of the hardest, but most rewarding. Do you take the £1000 round trip business class deals to Tokyo, even in Cherry Blossom season – or do you go further, jetting down to Australia or New Zealand for £1300? We’re talking about four of the best cities on earth, each with their own amazing charm and before the sun sets today, you’d better pick, because these deals will not last long…

rows of seats in an airplaneThe Business Class Deals

Air China has been hyping their November flash sale for weeks now, and it’s finally here. Flight deals to Asia and Pacific are legitimately on sale from Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, with round trip comforts of business class for not a whole lot more than the far less comfortable seats of economy. Starting December 1st, Frankfurt flights to Shanghai will feature Air China’s brand new Airbus A350, with their very best direct aisle access business class seats. There are deals to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore in the same £1000 price range as well.

The Dates You Can Jet Off

Here’s the most important thing: these deals officially end November 11th. With limited availability on routes such as Auckland, Sydney or Tokyo, many of the most desirable flights (or at least flight dates) will be gone by the end of the day. If you want in, get your schedule firmed up and get booking. You can fly between December 11th and January 3rd, January 29th to February 8th, April 2nd through 21st, the 28th of May through the 24th of June and also from June 28th to August 23rd. Don’t come complaining saying you couldn’t find any deals for late February.

How To Book These Great Fares

You can book these great fares right here, on the dedicated Flash Sale Page. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching, and there’s no telling what they will bring, if anything. £1300 is about as low as business class to Australia goes, and ~£1000 for Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and other great cities is also an excellent price. This is a situation where you’ll have to decide between locking in these very solid deals or risking it in hopes of a future deal. If these deals fit your dates, and you can find an Airbus A350, you’re in for a treat.

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