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No one in history has ever smiled while hearing the phrase “We regret that the special discount offer is currently unavailable”. If you’re in the US or one of the clever folks abroad who’ve figured out that AARP isn’t just for old people, it’s for anyone who likes saving money on airfare you might want to put down your drink. Alternately, you may want to pick one up. It’s too early to declare the patient dead, but after a few clicks from a few different folks in many different areas, it appears that the British Airways AARP discount is no longer working. $400 off any British Airways business class ticket gone forever?

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The terms and conditions of the AARP and British Airways agreement state that the discount is in place for bookings made until October 31st. The offer has been one of the absolute best tricks in the business, introduced to me by the formidable Gary Leff and personally saved me thousands on tickets while elevating my travel experiences. Hence the problem for British Airways. What the airline may have underestimated was the power of blogs like this amongst many others exposing this glorious trick while breaking down the perception that AARP is for “retired people”. I personally benefited from the deal (available to anyone with a pulse) when booking flights to Paris for my wedding. The published fare was fetching $1600 but with the AARP we were able to knock it down to $1106 per person for round trip flat bed business. This success story is one of millions that flyers have been able to take advantage of to a plethora of destinations abroad, often in a style unimagined by many the weary traveler. Say it isn’t so!

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Is the deal pulled? Is it a temporary glitch? Who knows. All we have is data points which suggest that its one or the other. You can guess which one my jaded mind favors. The issue with this is that there never was nor is there any scamming or gaming of the system here. AARP officially rebranded as a member organization for all ages and occupations providing interest group discounts and opportunities to anyone who paid $13 to become a member. Frankly, the British Airways/One World discounts are the only reason I am a member. As far as first world frequent flyer problems go, this would be as close of an appropriate use to the word tragedy as they come if the deal is indeed dead. 

Have you tried to login and take advantage? Share your experience!

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