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For the second time in 2022, British Airways has reduced required tier points for Executive Club status, although it’s just for Silver (Oneworld Sapphire) this time — and only for people who already have it.

It’s geared towards renewals from July to September of 2022.

Silver on BA, though, is more valuable than many other airlines’ mid-tier statuses, so it’s worth taking advantage of this opportunity, if you can.

Get Your Silver Status On Sale

BA’s second-highest tier level (Oneworld Sapphire) usually requires 600 tier points or 50 segments, but it was cut by 25% back in January. That may not have done the trick in stimulating traffic, so they’ve done it again.

Now, you’ll only need to earn 300 tier points or 25 segments by the end of your current tier year (for July through September renewals) to generate your BA silver medal. And again, this only applies to those who previously held Silver, just as a heads up.

Quick reminder: Tier points are different from Avios, which is the currency that you can redeem for rewards.

Tier points are BA’s version of “What have you done for me lately?” and they’re used exclusively to measure your elite status and they revert to zero at the end of your BA membership year.

Consider reviewing the Complete Guide to Status and Miles on BA for a program overview, but the bottom line is this: Tier points earnings are based on your class of service and what you pay, as well as the distance of your flight.

Silver Status Benefits

British Airways silver status
Courtesy British Airways

Silver status is where the benefits really start to perk up on BA, so it’s worth aiming for if you’re close. Everyone has their view of what’s important but, as far as I’m concerned, these are the key benefits:

  • 50% Bonus Avios: Pretty self-explanatory. After earning your Avios, BA will gross you up by another 50%.
  • Lounge Access: You’ll have access to British Airways lounges as well as those of its oneworld network, as long as you are flying a partner airline.
  • Airport and Flight Benefits: You’ll get to use business class check-in and priority boarding, guaranteeing you overhead space. Free seat selection and an extra piece of luggage for everyone in your party is a nice additional perk.

US Domestic Travelers: You’re Better Off with BA Silver!

Because of the odd structure of Oneworld partnerships, there are times when it can be better to have BA Silver status than any American Airlines level. Why?

Because BA Silver status, which is the equivalent of Oneworld Sapphire, gets you access to American Airlines lounges in the United States on domestic flights, even the top-of-the-line Flagship Lounges! Class of service doesn’t matter. You just have to be flying on American or a Oneworld airline.

Domestic US passengers may want to consider crediting Oneworld miles to BA.

The only downside to crediting miles to BA is not rising up the AA flight upgrade list. If you’re only Platinum on American, however, chances are that you’re not going to be upgraded, anyway.

You’ve Got a Bit More Time to Earn BA Silver

After this membership year, the requirements for Silver will pop back up to their normal levels, so if you have to accelerate a trip or two, this is a good time to do it.

As of now, the requirements for Gold status will remain at 1,125 Tier Points through year-end, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Use of First Class lounges and the 100% Avios bonus that comes with it is a pretty fantastic perk, so the mega road warriors do deserve a bit of exclusivity. There’s no joy in overcrowded lounges!

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  1. Got my hopes up that, but isn’t this an old announcement from the start of the year, e.g. a silver person with july end of TP collection (like my wife) cant benefit from this? Or have i missed something?

  2. That’s odd- am currently Bronze but when I log in it says I need 450 TP (in total) to reach Silver – not 300. Is this yet to be launched?

    1. Unless its something genuinely new and BA have not updated their links/website this was for silvers with July/Aug/Sep end of year dates. “We have automatically applied the reduced threshold to Silver Members with Tier Point Collection Year end dates in July, August and September 2022”

  3. Just logged into my BA account (June year end date) and it says I can retain Silver with 450 tier points or get to Gold with 1125 tier points – BUT this has to be by 31 December!! Not in the full membership year. So not as good as first thought . . . .

  4. My tier points collection year ends 8th Oct, so I guess this offer is not for me either. I have 280 TP, so I would only need 20, but it says 170 more needed…

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