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Two Champagnes, please…

Whether it be a friend, loved one, family member, or just a random acquaintance there are few things better in life than sharing travel with others. All sentimental stuff aside, it’s actually one of the very best ways to also save on travel. British Airways flight and hotel packages are one of the very best ways to save on travel, where you can score flight and hotel, sometimes for less than you’d pay just for flights alone. In the latest round of deals, we found some serious winners.

Petronas Towers with tall buildings and treesThe British Airways Deals

British Airways luxury flight + hotel deals offer business class flights, plus 2,3 or 4 nights in a four or five star hotel. These deals are based upon two (or more) people traveling and sharing a room. There are many instances, especially with long haul flat bed business class where it’s literally cheaper to book these packages than just flights alone. Enough talk, let’s look at some examples, based on London departures.

£238 p.p. – Mallorca with business class flights + 3 nights in 4* hotel. (Oct-May).

£292 p.p. – Barcelona with business class flights + 2 nights in 5* hotel. (Dec-Apr).

£350 p.p. Venice with business class flights + 2 nights in a 5* hotel. (Nov-Mar).

£1401 p.p. Kuala Lumpur with business class flights + 4 nights in a 4* hotel. (Aug-Nov).

£1475 p.p. Boston with business class flights + 4 nights in a 4* hotel. (Dec-Apr).

£1602 p.p. San Diego with business class flights + 5 nights in a 4.5* hotel. (Dec-Mar).

a plane flying above the cloudsHow To Book

Booking is relatively easy, once you get the hang of it. The key is to head to the “holiday deals” page, here. Once there, you’ll want to make use of the customizable bits on the left hand side. Scroll down to select the region you’re interested in visiting, then DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE. Simply change the month at the very top of the page on the left to your desired month of travel. You’ll then get a calendar when the prices mentioned above are available. Be sure to note the date ranges above, and lock in your awesome trip for two.

a bed with pillows and a purse on itA Hot Tip

All of these holiday bookings can be secured with a deposit of just £300, and can be payed off over time. The booking must be paid roughly 5 weeks before departure, but you can pay as often as you like, as much as you like, which can make it easier to balance budgets for the big trip. Enjoy. Our pick? San Diego. A Pacific Coast road trip is just about impossible to beat.

Are you taking advantage of these awesome deals?

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  1. Thanks for the tip. As a frequent visitor to the UK, I usually book flights from London separately and then use hotel points as luxury hotel costs in cities such as Barcelona and Venice can be high. These BA offers seem reasonable.

  2. Using the term “Luxury” with BA’s Business Class made me think maybe there was finally a product upgrade in the works. NOT! Definitely a surprising choice of words for the post title.

    1. To 98% of the world, perhaps 99%, any seat that is NOT economy is luxury. Most people have never seen beds in the sky, let alone enjoyed them.

  3. You know my views on the product quality or otherwise and levels of service however, materially, the seat reservation charges are significant and on several of the examples you quote will be over 75% of the price paid for the flight / room…
    Surely something worth mentioning? As is the fact that BA are not ABTA bonded, so the package is at risk vs. those that are.

    1. If you’re in business, paying to assign a seat is fairly pointless, and not by any means a requirement. Therefore, the price is what the price is. Of course, if you’re a Bronze, Silver or Gold, you can do so for free anyway.

  4. …also on the 1st three examples, the “luxury” may include a non-reclining seat with less pitch than RyanAir albeit with an empty middle seat…

  5. How is a seat pitch lower than RyanAir in a non reclining seat “luxury”?
    And given your normally diligent and open publication of costs…
    Seat reservations for several of your examples are +75% on top of the costs, dramatically changing the value equation.

  6. A BA first class seat, pictured, is not what you get in any short haul trip and not what you get on most BA metal.

    BA hard product is almost universally crap.

    1. I really grow tired of this song and dance.

      1) There’s no BA First seat pictured anywhere. Sorry, you’re wrong.
      2) The seat pictured is what you get on virtually EVERY long haul flight with BA in Club World (business class).
      3) Your opinion is noted, and cared for perhaps by people who know you.

  7. Can you make a Pacific highway road trip up to San Francisco doing day trips from San Diego where the hotel is?

    1. San Diego to SF is just too far in a day trip. That’s more than a full day on the road really, just to reach SF. Up to LA and a bit further would be nice though, and very manageable.

    1. Absolutely, yes. If seats are available using points for First, they’re also upgradeable with virtually no additional cash surcharge.

  8. Seating in business class looking at someone opposite me for 2 hours or more is not my cup of tea! I would rather fly economy. Have flown on BA business class before and said to myself.. never again!

    1. So fly an airline that you don’t feel the need to comment on, when you’re not actually booking. P S. There is a privacy screen you can raise and then not see anyone. Enjoy economy.

  9. What is the maximum stay restriction for this fare? I know that packages from the US have a 26-day max. Also, the fare class is the deeply discounted type. One has to be careful about where to bank those mailed. Thanks.

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