If British Airways was being graded on their handling of cancelled flights, refunds and vouchers thus far, a parent-teacher web conference might be the best place to start. They’re trying, but some more work certainly wouldn’t hurt anyone.

The good news is – that work is happening, and there’s a positive trend.

Those extra tutoring sessions have worked, and the airline is in the process of massively improving vouchers issued, and continuing to be issued to customers, with greater flexibility of use and ease in booking. For starters, you’ll be able to use them online.

LONDON, UK - August 10th, 2018: view of Heathrow airport with stormy skies and British Airways airplanes at their standsBritish Airways Voucher Changes

British Airways is making really positive changes to flight vouchers issued to customers during the unprecedented air travel slow down, including the ability to redeem vouchers online. Previously, all customers were told they’d need to phone up the airline to redeem a voucher, and given recent wait times, that was less than ideal.

Updated expiry dates and extended range

British Airways is in the process of coding the vouchers for online use, and that up to three vouchers may be combined for future use. In a further update effective April 28th, 2020, voucher validity will be extended for use up to April 30th, 2022.

In addition, greater flexibility is being added to the ‘book with confidence‘ policy, which will begin to address cancellations for flights beyond May 31st.

Being able to combine vouchers gives customers flexibility to “upgrade” their next trip, rather than being forced to burn through any voucher amounts slowly, which is particularly handy if multiple trips are now just the one.

For customers whose Avios bookings were held on a voucher, any new bookings will refund the difference in miles or taxes, if the amount of either is less. Obviously, if you choose to redeem Avios for a more ambitious trip, you’ll still be on the hook for more Avios Points, cash, or both.

Worth The Wait?

British Airways is  in the middle of re-coding vouchers for online capability, but when the process is done, it will be a massive step up for passengers, given the extended validity. Being able to combine up to three into one makes things even better.

No specific date for the functionality has been specified, but estimates suggest a few weeks at most. It’s not like anyone has anywhere to be in that time, so short of a fantastic sale which would merit calling in to cash in any current vouchers, sitting tight #stayinghome and waiting for the good news is probably best.

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